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Professional Development

Professional Learning Saturday on March 31st

It’s hard to be believe that we are less than a week away from our last Professional Learning Saturday.  We invite any campus admin, faculty, and staff from our partner schools to join our Teaching Excellence teachers for a day of learning designed to ensure that our educators have the tools that will effectively lead them to a successfull finale for students.

The following sessions will be available:

More Questioning Strategies: Right is Right and Stretch It: BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Because the Uncommon Schools-based session on Cold Call and Call & Response was not only well received but is now improving classrooms, we are following up with this session.  These two strategies work in tandem and are used to ensure that your carefully crafted questions are given the highest quality answers by your students!

Data 101/Mail Merge: BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND – This session revolutionized the practice, data analysis, and efficiency of many teachers last semester, so we have brought it back.  This session will give you a peek at the inner workings behind Outlook, Excel and how to use the two programs to mail merge.

Developing and Maintaining Strong Parental Relationships: In order to maximize the instruction that occurs in your classroom, it is imperative that all stakeholders in the education of your students be on the same page. This session will give you the strategies and the motivation to begin forming these relationships as well as how to make existing parental relationships stronger.

Re-Teaching/Review Games: When traditional Jeopardy just won’t cut it because too many students can check out, where do you go next? This session will give you several new ideas to try or modify to meet the re-teaching needs of ALL of your students. Participants in this session will learn by doing!

Joy Factor/Vegas: Our two most recent “Teach Like A Champion” strategies are designed to turn your already productive classroom into a place of happiness, teamwork, cooperation, and RETENTION! Learn several strategies to make your lessons *POP* and get opportunities to plan them into your lessons!

Secondary Small Group Instruction: Why should elementary students be the only ones who get individualized, targeted instruction? This session will help you both set up and plan for small group instruction in your secondary classroom starting with the basics.  What will the rest of my students do? How do small-group lessons differ from whole-group lessons? These questions and more will be answered in this session. Elementary teachers are welcome to attend this session to steal ideas to modify for their own use.

Data-Based Decision Making WORK TIME: Work through a self-guided data-analysis protocol in order to learn from recent exit ticket, quiz, common assessment, or exam data. Take what you learn from this reflection and amend upcoming lesson plans in order to maximize the time you have with your students. Participants in this session will get one-on-one feedback on their reflections and next steps.

We hope to see you March 31st! Email for more details.



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