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How We Teach Teachers to Teach

Written by Nella Garcia Urban, YES Prep Senior Director of Teacher Development The teaching profession is one of the largest and oldest career options in this country.  It has gone through some major shifts and changes over the course of its long history.  This makes the work challenging, and it also provides us with an … Continue reading

5 Ways to Get your Student’s Brains Ready for Learning

Written by Petra Claflin, TE Instructional Coach and IC Support Specialist One theme that jumps out at me when I read or hear about different brain-based learningand its applications for education, is that how we feel during the learning process has a huge impact on our retention of the knowledge.  The stronger the emotion, the … Continue reading

Teaching Excellence from A to Z

Get to know us from start to finish.  Follow our weekly series “TE from A to Z”… M is for mindset. TE Instructional Coaches maintain and foster growth mindsets in themselves and in the teachers they support. This belief that people’s most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work creates a love … Continue reading

3 Ways to Prepare for Instructional Leadership

In teaching and teacher leadership, there are so many opportunities to grow, especially in the world of education reform. One question I frequently get asked is: how can I develop into an instructional leader? Continue reading

5 Read Aloud Books All Teachers Should Read

Knowing now that a great book can make the difference, I’d like to share five of my favorite read aloud books with you. Continue reading

Teaching Excellence from A-Z

Get to know us from start to finish. Follow our weekly series “TE from A to Z”… Continue reading

3 Ways Teachers Can INCREASE Their Cultural Awareness

Written by Patricia Williams, TE Instructional Coach As a first year TFA corp member in 2004…I feel very old writing that 🙂 …teaching in Texas was a culture shock. I grew up in New Jersey, and I went to undergrad in New York; I’m an east coast girl for sure!  During my first lunch in … Continue reading

5 Strategies to Increase Rigor and Maximize Time at the End of the School Year

Written By Paul Needham, TE Instructional Coach and Professional Learning Specialist What do I do now? You may find yourself asking this question as the school year draws to a close. As a fifth grade science teacher, I had several weeks between when my students took their standardized test and when the year was over. … Continue reading

Teaching Excellence from A-Z

Get to know us from start to finish.  Follow our weekly series “TE from A to Z”… G is for “Good to Great” – TE Instructional Coaches believe that teachers who are successful are not only capable of being good teachers, they are capable of being great teachers. H is for Humble – TE Instructional … Continue reading

Reflections on Eric Jensen’s Teaching with Poverty in Mind

Written by Petra Claflin, TE Instructional Coach I recently attended the ASCD conference in Philadelphia and the final morning of the conference, I participated in Eric Jensen’s session on Teaching with Poverty in Mind. Early in the session he described the effects of chronic stress and the two major ways it manifests itself in our … Continue reading

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