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TE from A to Z

Teaching Excellence from A to Z

Get to know us from start to finish.  Follow our weekly series “TE from A to Z”…

V is for variety. TE instructional coaches deliver a variety of learning opportunities for the teachers they support. These opportunities range from observation debriefs, reflective conversations, facilitation of targeted professional learning sessions to providing feedback about written or practiced execution of lesson plans. And the variety keeps on growing …

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W is for whatever it takes. TE Instructional coaches do whatever it takes to make sure that the teachers they support are prepared, practiced and professional in whatever they do.
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X is for xcellence. TE Instructional coaches xhibit xcellence in everything they do and will continue to xhibit xcellence in the things that are not yet known.

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One thought on “Teaching Excellence from A to Z

  1. Maybe for X, you could use “xenodochy”. Xenodochy means “reception of strangers; hospitality”.

    Posted by AmandaRoussel | July 14, 2012, 6:59 pm

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