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Inspiring, Encouraging, Amazing

Congratulations 2012-13 Teaching Excellence TEachers! You all did a phenomenal job today with your Presentations of Learning. Observing Administration described the POL experience as “inspirational, encouraging, and amazing.” From Pre-K all the way up to high school, TEachers are ready to enter their classrooms and make transformative change in the lives of their students. With … Continue reading

Induction: TEachers Take off Across Houston!

Today TEachers set out across Houston to complete a special Teaching Excellence scavenger hunt in the communities they will teach in this year. Knowing the community your students live in and connecting with people in that community is key to being successful in the classroom. See the great pictures below of TEachers exploring the KIPP, … Continue reading

Induction Day 5: The ART of Assessment-Based Planning

I I was unaware when our newest Teaching Excellence cohort entered YES Prep Gulfton last Wednesday, that not only did we have a group of phenomenal teachers on our hands, but also a group of highly talented artists. During today’s Assessment-Based Planning session, TEachers learned to begin with the end in mind. TEachers explored how … Continue reading

Induction Day 4: The Achievement Gap Doesn’t Take Saturday Off and Neither Do We!

Today a group of extremely dedicated TEachers came together on a Saturday to learn and better themselves so they can better serve the students they will teach this year. How AWESOME is that? To top it off, TEachers proudly wore their college shirts and colors bringing us back to what Teaching Excellence is really all … Continue reading

Induction Day 3: What are your Strengths?

  Bright and early this morning Teaching Excellence TEachers gathered for their first session of the day, Revisiting Self-Awareness Teaching as Authentic Leadership. Prior to this session TEachers took an online survey to discover their strengths. Armed with their top 5 strengths that ranged from Harmony to Competitor to Learner to Relator and everything in … Continue reading

Routines and Procedures: Using Materials and Timers Effectively

Today during our Induction Routines and Procedures: Materials and Timers session, teachers learned how to plan and execute a system that includes distributing materials efficiently and effectively. As a teacher you can use a variety of timers including power-point timers, stop watches, verbal countdowns, and visual countdowns using your hands. Utilizing these timers for classroom routines … Continue reading

Induction Day Two Reflections

Today Today the newest cohort of TEaching Excellence TEachers had the opportunity to attend sessions on Transformative Relationships, Teacher Leadership, and Behavior Management. Below is a re-cap of two of today’s sessions as well as what two TEachers took away from each session.   Voices from the Field Teaching Panel Thank you to all the … Continue reading

TEam Member Spotlight: Michael Warburton

What is your role on the TEam? I am excited to be an Instructional Teacher Leader this summer for TE. Where did you study? List all that apply. I spent my undergraduate career at the wonderful University of Virginia. Why are you passionate about education and teacher development? It is critical to provide every student, … Continue reading

TEam Member Spotlight: Stephanie Sullenger

What is your role on the TEam? Induction Teacher Leader (ITL) Where did you study? List all that apply. University of Texas at Austin, Hook ‘Em! \m/ Why are you passionate about education and teacher development? Given the right circumstances every student can be successful. The teacher is the deciding factor in the classroom, each … Continue reading

TEam Member Spotlight: Calvin J. Stocker

What is your role on the TEam? Instructional Coach with Teaching Excellence Where did you study? List all that apply. University of Minnesota (Go Gophers!) Abilene Christian University Why are you passionate about education and teacher development? Every child, no matter their socio-economic status, deserves the right to attain an excellent education! An education is … Continue reading

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