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TEam Member Spotlights

TEam Member Spotlight: Stephanie Sullenger

What is your role on the TEam?

Induction Teacher Leader (ITL)

Where did you study? List all that apply.

University of Texas at Austin, Hook ‘Em! \m/

Why are you passionate about education and teacher development?

Given the right circumstances every student can be successful. The teacher is the deciding factor in the classroom, each day they can either make or break classroom culture. Developing teachers is the best way to ensure that our students make it to college.

Describe a successful teaching strategy that you used in the classroom or that you frequently recommend to your teachers.

I’m having a hard time choosing just one successful strategy, so I’m going to go with two. On one hand really strong routines and procedures are essential. If you have systems that are really efficient and clear you can maximize instructional time and cut down on classroom management issues. The second thing is building transformative relationships with your students. Once you’ve built these relationships inside of your classroom culture all that’s left to do is learn and close the achievement gap!

If you had to describe your work on the TEam in three words, what would they be?

Inspiring, Fun, Fulfilling

What advice would you have for an educator that aspires to become an instructional leader?

Get your hands dirty. Get inside different classrooms and see what other teachers are doing. Not only will it help you improve your own practices, but it will provide you with different techniques and experiences when coaching others.

When you are not working on closing the achievement gap, what do you enjoy doing?

I spend most of my time watching ridiculous television shows, going to Astros games, playing with my dog Sofia, reading great books, exploring Houston with my fiancé, and hanging out at the beach or pool.

Which TE-shirt is your favorite and why?

“Start Strong. Finish Stronger” I love this shirt, I think it really encompasses what TE is all about. Plus it’s on the front and back of the shirt which plays into the whole idea which is it doesn’t matter if you’re at the beginning or the end we’re still doing Whatever It Takes. Also since I’m new to the team, it’s actually the only TE shirt I actually own. Although I will say I’ve seen tons of great ones floating around J



One thought on “TEam Member Spotlight: Stephanie Sullenger

  1. Stephanie – you are an amazing addition to our summer staff. Thank you for your leadership.

    Posted by Nella Garcia Urban | July 14, 2012, 10:29 am

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