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TE Induction

Induction Day Two Reflections


Today the newest cohort of TEaching Excellence TEachers had the opportunity to attend sessions on Transformative Relationships, Teacher Leadership, and Behavior Management. Below is a re-cap of two of today’s sessions as well as what two TEachers took away from each session.


Voices from the Field Teaching Panel

Thank you to all the current YES Prep and KIPP teachers who came to Induction today to share their inspiring experiences with our new TEachers! Your advice and stories from the classroom were both entertaining and informative and helped to give our TEachers a better idea of what it will be like when they finally take the sometimes scary step into their own classrooms on the first day of school. Current Yes Prep and KIPP teachers answered questions focused around building relationships with students, sharing how they made transformative relationships with their students and also how these relationships helped them to better manage their classrooms. Harley Garrett, a soon to be PE teacher at North Central, shared his biggest take away from today’s Voices from the Field Teaching Panel:




“I really enjoyed this session a lot. I especially enjoyed hearing from Sean because he spoke with a lot of emotion. Sean gave me ideas of how to talk to students and really build relationships. He told us to be there for our students because you never know what they might need to talk about and that the relationships we build with students is very important”

  • Harley Garrett




Behavior Management: Assertive Authority and Teacher Presence

In this session, new TEachers learned that assertive authority is the core of the behavior management cycle. Developing assertive authority and teacher presence is the first step in managing a classroom. The behavior management cycle does not work without this critical piece. Learning assertive authority is SUPER important to developing, growing, and maintaining as teachers. Below Alex Wentz who will be joining YES Prep West this year as an ELA teacher shares her biggest take away from this session.




“What I really took away from this session was how important tone, word choice, and even posture is in the classroom. I really appreciated the way this session talked about how to set the tone to lead our classrooms. I liked how we watched videos and I really liked how Elisa, our facilitator, integrated what she was teaching us in her own execution of the session. While teaching us, she modeled the techniques we should use when teaching in our own classrooms.”

  • Alex Wentz



What was your biggest take away from today’s sessions? Post your comments below!


2 thoughts on “Induction Day Two Reflections

  1. Great reflections!

    Posted by Nella Garcia | July 12, 2012, 9:31 pm
  2. I was really impressed with how much the teachers truly put into practice the concept of “whatever it takes”. They were great examples of showing us how we can be leaders to our students.

    Posted by AmandaRoussel | July 14, 2012, 6:30 pm

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