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TE Induction

Induction Day 3: What are your Strengths?


Bright and early this morning Teaching Excellence TEachers gathered for their first session of the day, Revisiting Self-Awareness Teaching as Authentic Leadership. Prior to this session TEachers took an online survey to discover their strengths. Armed with their top 5 strengths that ranged from Harmony to Competitor to Learner to Relator and everything in between, TEachers discovered how their strengths would help them in the classroom and how they can use their strengths to help each other.


A Futurist and an Activator: A perfect Match

Below you will find quotes from Dottie and Claudia on how they came to the realization that their strengths will not only help themselves, but also help their future colleagues.


“During this session I found out I am an activator- I like to get things started and rolling. Second I found out a way for me to succeed was to find a Futuristic person to partner with. Then I found Claudia, who I’ll be teaching Spanish with at North Central (Go Trailblazers!) has futuristic as a strength. What are the odds?”

  • Dettie Stoneman, Spanish Teacher, YES Prep North Central


“My top strengths are empathy and futuristic. As an action item it was suggested to find a person with an activator strength. In the Revisiting Self-Awareness session, I found a colleague, Dottie, with an activator strength. We both realized that we complement each other’s needs. The BEST part is that we are both teaching Spanish at the same campus, North Central! What a great coincidence!!”

  • Claudia Guierra, Spanish Teacher, YES Prep North Central



What were your top 5 strengths and how will they help you in the classroom?


9 thoughts on “Induction Day 3: What are your Strengths?

  1. My top five strengths were developer, connectedness, strategic, empathy, and positivity! I am most excited thinking about how I can use my personal strengths to develop my students’ strengths!!! I think the “developer” strength surprised me as being my top strength because I didn’t even really know it was a strength at all. I have always been the kind of person who imagines and thinks about what other people are feeling and takes that into account, but I never related that back to loving to see others grow. I am actually really excited about this strength because I knew it was a quality that I possessed but didn’t see how it fit with my role as a teacher.

    Posted by Stephanie Mills | July 13, 2012, 6:55 pm
  2. I really loved this activty and I loved writing my life story (can’t wait for my instructional coach to read it!) In talking about transformative relationships with students, I realized that in the same way I would want to know the impact I made on my students in the future, my old teachers/professors/bosses might want to know how much of an impact they made on me and my life and career goals. Today I emailed my 11th grade English teacher my life story paper and she emailed me back stating: “I am so touched by your paper, when I stop crying I will write you a longer letter. love you”. I ended up crying myself but I am so glad that I emailed her! (first time since I gradued high school)

    I think people who have influneced our lives, espcically now that we are coming teachers deserve to know! I would encourage everyone to share their life story papers with old teachers/professors/bosses.

    Ive been spending the night emailing old professors, bosses and other influential people in my life my paper and thanking them.

    Posted by Laura Burrow | July 13, 2012, 8:08 pm
    • Laura – I did the same thing a few years ago with a similar activity we did with our cohort. It was moving and felt amazing to come full circle with my influential teachers. Thank you for encouraging others to do the same!

      Posted by Nella Garcia Urban | July 14, 2012, 10:39 am
  3. One of the great aspects of the feedback from the strengths questionaire was greating to meet similar teachers who could affirm us, and those teachers with complementary stengths who could refine us.

    Posted by A.M. Roussel | July 13, 2012, 8:51 pm
    • My top strength was “input” and I recommended to seek to partner with someone with dominant Focus or Discipline talents. Would someone had “focus” or “discipline” who wants to partner up?

      Posted by A.M. Roussel | July 13, 2012, 8:55 pm
  4. My top strengths are Learner, Connectedness, Belief, Input and Restorative. I’ll just hit on the first two since we covered that today in our session! I think the fact that my first strength was “Learner” is super applicable to teaching biology. I get a kick out of studying, or out of hunting out new information or facts, so I can use this characteristic to find ‘cool’ science material to apply within my classroom. I can also research new techniques to implement in my classroom and take continuing education/professional development courses that can assist me in discovering ways to better myself as an instructor. My Connectedness strength can help me build transformative relationships with my students and help them build relationships with each other. I think my Connectedness strength will also help reinforce my purpose at YES and my motivation as a teacher.

    Posted by Rachel Rucker | July 13, 2012, 9:11 pm
    • Thanks for this analysis, Rachel. I agree that your strength will create an opportunity for your kids to connect too each other. I find so much power in that statement.

      Posted by Nella Garcia Urban | July 14, 2012, 10:37 am
  5. This is inspiring! Keep up the great work, TE 2012.

    Posted by Nella Garcia Urban | July 14, 2012, 10:27 am

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