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Induction Day 4: The Achievement Gap Doesn’t Take Saturday Off and Neither Do We!

Today a group of extremely dedicated TEachers came together on a Saturday to learn and better themselves so they can better serve the students they will teach this year. How AWESOME is that? To top it off, TEachers proudly wore their college shirts and colors bringing us back to what Teaching Excellence is really all about, making sure each and every one of our students is college ready when they graduate from high school. Below you see just a few of our TEachers showing their school pride!

Where did you go to college? Show your alumni pride here so we can get to know you better!



6 thoughts on “Induction Day 4: The Achievement Gap Doesn’t Take Saturday Off and Neither Do We!

  1. Thank you TEachers for a great day! Goooo PITT!

    Posted by Jaclyn McCormick | July 14, 2012, 3:16 pm
  2. Gig ’em, Aggies! I received graduate and undergraduate degrees from Texas A&M: Home of the Fightin’ Texas Aggies! I love my alma mater, and I love seeing our TEachers display theirs with pride! TEach ’em up!

    Posted by icsarahmurphytheater12 | July 14, 2012, 3:26 pm
  3. Keep up the great work TEachers! Goooo PITT!

    Posted by Jaclyn McCormick | July 14, 2012, 3:32 pm
  4. For undergrad, I graduated from Rice in 2009 (Hanszen). I got my master’s at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in 2012. Anyone else attend this schools?

    Posted by AmandaRoussel | July 14, 2012, 6:25 pm
  5. I attend Southwestern University (SU) in Georgetown, Texas (30 miles north of Austin….and UT) for my B.A. Sociology and Lesley Univeristy in Cambridge, MA for My M. Ed. I wore a SU shirt my “Pirate Bike Shirt” (Yellow bike on the side of the shirt., “Its a Southwestern Thing on the back top right corner)… ” It’s a Southwestern Thing” refers to the yellow bikes that you will find strategically around SU’s campus. We call them priate bikesbecause (1) our mascot is the Pirates (2) they are for communal use! Any student, faculty/staff, admin, even the President of the University can use the bike when they need them. Late to class?? Grab a pirate bike to get acorss campus from your dorm or college apt. quickly. Everyonce in a while you will see Jake Schrum, the Presdient, strollling along on a pirate bike saying “hello” to students. I’ve also seen one of my old beloved Soc professors ride one! I loved them and ued them often! SU’s colrs are black and gold so I decked out today in my golden yellow colors (yellow flower in my hair and yellow necklace accessories…I woke up this morning and thought: ACCESSORIZE THIS! lol) to match my Pirate Bike tee-shirt. OH! and SU is a private school so our t-shirts and swagg are not free (very ofen) and every expensive (and coveted when bought) so these t-shirts were sold on campus and bought by students to sustain the Pirate Bike program (matienence of bikes and buying of new ones). Now, each graduating senior can make a senior gift amount by buying a new bike to be transformed into a yellow Priate Bike. That buyers name is also written on the bike to be remembered forever :).

    Some of Best things about SU and Memorable Moments for ME:
    1. One of Texa’s oldest private liberal arts colleges
    2. I played a key role in chaning the racial and cultural climate at the University while attending. I also emailed Activist Angela Davis personally (I stull have her email when she wrote back to me!!!) and convinced her come to SU (at an extremely reduced fee) and host an event where she shared her life story and gave support for the small number of African-American students at SU (predominately white instutution). (I got to meet her and speek with her perosnally one -on- one before the event and have dinner with her after too! Ask me or check out cool pics on my facebook page!)
    3. The Coalition for Diversty and Social Justic (CDSJ) worked hard in making a cross cultural center nad larger diversity education office happen for our SU in 2010! It is now open and avilable for sure with a computer state, lounge wigth a large tv and Wii, and a resource library. We also have a formal meeting room and a larger office for the Assitant Dean of Multicultural Affairs.
    5. I graduated a semester early and was able to get a job as the Program Coordinator in the Office of Diversity education working with the Dean of Multicultural Affairs during the spring semester of my senior year I got free room and board (basically I got to stay in my on cmapus apts which were the newest ones and extremely nice…the door opens with your student id card!) and I got paid to do my work. I also was an RA of my building that semester and I was a TA for the Sociology Dpts and I got to cover/teach college soc classes and grade some papers! (so much fun) The Soc Department paid me too! Its was awemoes because I basically got to pary every weekend with NO HOMEWORK! So I’m an Ausitn party connoisseur and know downtown Austin/6th street and Warehouse district life the back of my hand. If you’ve never been and want to go I can be your tour Guide (of not just downtown Austin other parts and aspects as well, lol)
    4. When you are SU you are SU for LIFE! Alums are every (amazing with it benig such a small schoool…we really spead out!) I run into more and more alums everyday in Houston and they ALWAYS hook me up! Pays to be a priate.
    MOUTHwestern: School is so small that its hard NOT to know everyones business (even people you may not even know)
    SING! (aka THE BATTLE OF THE ORGS): SU Homecoming Tradition that is a variety show hosted by Student Foundation during Homecoming featuring skits performed by members of student organizations on campus. The skits tend to be of a humorous nature and include singing and choreography. The participating organizations compete for awards decided by a panel of judges and audience ballots.
    5. The Barcus Society is a secret society that periodically appears at events on campus, often distributing free items emblazoned with the letter “B.” The society revolves around Barcus, a masked character wearing a bowler hat, wire rimmed glasses, an old suit and vest, a gold pocket watch, and a black umbrella. Barcus’s appearance is intended to resemble former Southwestern president James Samuel Barcus. Barcus arrives at most events in a yellow and black Model T and is usually flanked by robed students wearing sunglasses. (Sadly, I was not apart of this society and never figured out how to join :/ )
    6. Academic Mall: Large glass knoll in the middle of the campus..its nice to go out there and relax with friends, or play ultimate frisbee, or just study. Professor sometimes how class on The Mall as well.
    7. Mall Ball, held in both the spring and fall semesters, is a family-oriented outdoor festival held on the Academic Mall.
    8. EBONY (Encouraging Black and Others to Never Yield), Latinos Unios, PanAsian Association, SUnative, SUALLIES: All orgazations I worked with in the office of Diversity education. I was a devoted member of EBONY and held and office position for 3 of my 4 year s in college. 2nd year Secretary, 3rd year President 4th year senior Advisor. Angela Davis visted during my 3rd year as EBONY President and spoke during and EBONY event (our most successfull and largest attended event EVER!)
    9. No football or team, YET (on their way 2013). part of the reason SU interested me. all through high school I was in band and loved it and loved attending the football games. But becuase I was in band I had to attend EVERY SINGLE GAME. By the time I was a senior I was sick of football and the crazy way Texans (Yes I’m a Texan) turn it into a religion. So I wanted a school where football (spports really) was not the focus. SU was definately the write choice.

    As you can tell Southwestern is a very neardy school (in a good way 🙂 Its part of the reason I applied to attend this University and LOVE MY ALMA MATER!


    …and yes I’m a nerd blogging on a saturday night. I’m sick so I can’t go out. whatever.

    Posted by Laura Burrow | July 15, 2012, 1:00 am
  6. Go PITT!

    Posted by Jaclyn McCormick | July 16, 2012, 10:29 am

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