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Four Steps to Failing Better

Photo Credit: Written by: Paul Needham, Instructional Coach and Professional Learning Specialist Every teacher, whether they’re fresh out of TE’s Induction, or a 16-year veteran makes mistakes that impact the environment in their classroom. The trick that successful teachers have learned is how best to learn from these mistakes. In other words, successful educators … Continue reading

TE Alum Speaks Up

2011-2012 Teaching Excellence Alum, Alyssa Granacki, was featured on the Huffington Post Education blog last week. Read her post, In Defense of Teach for America, here: Alyssa Granacki What are your thoughts about her post?

Team Member Spotlight: Grant McCollor

Seventeen years earlier – same shirt, same size nose! What is your role on the TEam? I’m the creature in the “Creativity Cave” (i.e. visuals genie) [Ronda’s Note: Grant worked with us this summer at Induction. He’s back at Southwest now, teachin’ ’em up this school year!] Where did you study?  List all that apply. … Continue reading

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