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Connecting with Your Hispanic Students and Community

Do you recognize this 7th grader?

I have come a long way from my days at Duncan Junior High. (Check out the hair)!

This amazing journey could not have been possible without the support of teachers who took the time to learn about my background, make connections and inspire me to dream bigger dreams. Teachers like my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Wilcoxson, who shared that she was jealous of me because she did not speak Spanish. This made me feel special. Teachers like Mr. Wheeler who reminded my geometry class of the great contributions to mathematics the Mayans made instilled in me a sense of pride for my heritage. Mrs. Sparks pushed me to believe college is for people just like me. I would like to thank all of the TEachers who take the time to learn, connect and inspire every Carlos sitting in their classes.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, TE would like to share a few resources, to help learn, connect and inspire:

100 Essential Spanish Phrases for Teachers

Hispanic Heritage Month Educator Resources

Bilingual Literacy Resources

Parental Resources

What resources have you come across to celebrate Hispanic Heritage?

Written by Carlos Villagrana, Director of Teaching Excellence, follow him on Twitter @cvillagrana


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