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TEam Member Spotlight: Jaclyn McCormick

What is your role on the TEam? Instructional Coach Where did you study? The University of Pittsburgh Why are you passionate about education and teacher development? I became passionate about education after working for two years in Baton Rouge, LA through Teach For America. There I saw firsthand students who received a second-rate education because … Continue reading

TE Teachers Develop Content Knowledge

Eight o’clock comes early on a Saturday morning, and it doesn’t stop our twelve content experts from prepping and facilitating their two-hour sessions for over two hundred Teaching Excellence teachers impacting over 39 campuses. These new teachers are working hard too, fighting through the morning grogginess to plan for the coming week’s science lab or … Continue reading

Dear IC…The Honeymoon Period is Over?!

Dear IC, I had great behavior management in the beginning of the year. My students were on task and really worked hard to impress me. Lately, things have started to slip. Once I set expectations, I find myself continually redirecting students and asking for their eyes to be on me, their pencils to be down, … Continue reading

November PLS Preview

Teaching Excellence is excited to offer some of the same great sessions that were available last month. Plus we’ve added Differentiation this month to help you ensure you are reaching all learners. We’re looking forward to seeing all of our teachers and partners on November 10th as we celebrate a month focused on gratefulness. We’re … Continue reading

Make your classroom ROCK just like Jack Black’s

Written by Sarah Murphy, TE Instructional Coach Support Specialist Come with me, if you will, on a coaching observation which takes a peek beneath the initial, surface level silliness of Jack Black’s fictional classroom in School of Rock, and see strategies in motion which engage learners and aid them in content internalization. Flip through the … Continue reading

TEam Member Spotlight: Calvin J. Stocker

What is your role on the TEam? Instructional Coach with Teaching Excellence Where did you study? List all that apply. University of Minnesota (Go Gophers!) Abilene Christian University Why are you passionate about education and teacher development? Every child, no matter their socio-economic status, deserves the right to attain an excellent education! An education is … Continue reading

Reaching All Learners: SPED Strategies that Work

Written By: Jessica Torelli and Kay Pierce, YES Prep Learning Lab Specialists We love teaching students with learning differences. Our students are energetic, interesting, unique, clever, sometimes out of control in the best of ways, and have a remarkable want and desire to learn. While the students are wonderful to work with, there is inevitably … Continue reading

Dear IC – Forgetting to Take Attendance

 **Each week we’ll run our “Dear IC” Question and Answer series. Be sure to submit your classroom questions in the comments. You may recieve an answer from a TE Instructional Coach on future blog posts.** Dear IC, I have a little dilemma… I know that the whole “attendance thing” is important, yet I can’t seem … Continue reading

The Silent First Five (and 5 Tips to Make It Happen in Your Classroom)

Written by Jaclyn McCormick, TE Instructional Coach Imagine silence, absolute silence. All students diligently writing with their materials out and brains hard at work. You, the teacher, stand by and monitor this beautiful scene and marvel at how well the classroom functions. Where is this magical place? It’s in your classroom. Every day. It’s the … Continue reading

TEam Member Spotlight: Molly Beckmann

What is your role on the TEam? I am an Instructional Coach. I coach 8 teachers at 3 different KIPP and YES Prep schools. Where did you study? List all that apply. I studied Psychology at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD and did an internship in Paris, France through a program called Internships in Francophone … Continue reading

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