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November PLS Preview

Teaching Excellence is excited to offer some of the same great sessions that were available last month. Plus we’ve added Differentiation this month to help you ensure you are reaching all learners. We’re looking forward to seeing all of our teachers and partners on November 10th as we celebrate a month focused on gratefulness.

We’re thankful for everyone who is a part of the movement to transform Houston, and we can’t wait for you to join us for the following sessions:


Teacher Modeling & Think Alouds

Ratio of Teacher Talk to Student Talk

Joy Factor

Big Six Make It Stick

Focused Work Time

Detailed descriptions are included below.

Name of Session



Is your classroom climate strong? Are you comfortable making decisions based on student data? Are you consistently creating aligned lessons? If you answered yes to these questions, then you’re probably ready to try some differentiation in your classroom! This session is an introduction to the basic tenets of differentiation and then offers significant time in centers analyzing samples of various differentiation strategies and starting to apply a differentiation strategy of your choice to an upcoming lesson.

Teacher Modeling and Think Alouds

Are you setting students up for success during Intro to New Material? If your students are struggling with practice, you may need to integrate modeling or think alouds into your INM. In this session you will learn how to plan and execute an INM that shows students what mastery looks like and how to get there so that students can practice successfully. You will also learn how to plan and execute a think aloud and model a thought process to mastery on an objective.

Balancing the Ratio: Teacher and Student Talk

Are you talking too much? If you’re getting more of a cognitive workout than your students, it’s time transfer the heavy lifting by increasing the ratio of student to teacher talk. In this session you will not only see data which shows how the ratio of teacher to student talk impacts student achievement, but you will also learn strategies to increase the level of responsibility given to your students. You will then get an opportunity to implement these strategies into an upcoming lesson plan.

Joy Factor

If the person you become when you enter your classroom does not reflect your personality, you may need to increase the “Joy” in your instruction. In this session you will learn strategies to increase your joy and student joy which will lead to an increase engagement and mastery.

Big Six Make It Stick

If you find your students mastering an exit ticket only to forget that day’s information on a weekly or unit assessment, then this session is for you. This session presents six research-based strategies that can be used in the INM of a lesson to ensure you’re reaching all learners and promoting long-term retention in your students.

Focused Work Time

Are you ready to take action? In this session you can use this time to receive support while planning an upcoming unit plan, lesson plan, assessment, or while grading assessments or work samples. This time can also be used to ask for feedback while implementing the action steps from your content or skill-based sessions.

For more details about PLS, please email

What are you grateful for this year? Who can you thank for investing in your growth these past few months?



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