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Professional Development

TE Teachers Develop Content Knowledge

Eight o’clock comes early on a Saturday morning, and it doesn’t stop our twelve content experts from prepping and facilitating their two-hour sessions for over two hundred Teaching Excellence teachers impacting over 39 campuses. These new teachers are working hard too, fighting through the morning grogginess to plan for the coming week’s science lab or to track data from small group reading conferences. Coffee in hand, facilitator and new teacher alike do whatever it takes to gain important content knowledge that they can implement immediately in their classrooms.

All of these educators understand that part of growing as a humble leader is recognizing how much there is to learn. At Teaching Excellence this idea guides all that we do, from classroom observations to check-ins with campus admin to staying after school to help a teacher coach the track team. Yet especially during these first two-hours of our monthly Professional Learning Saturdays we have a unique opportunity to connect master educators with up and coming teachers who are growing exponentially in their practice. In these sessions, content specialists provide new teachers with specific professional development related to their content and grade levels over and above general instructional techniques. They plan time for collaboration among peers who teach similar subjects, and the specialists are available for advice and feedback. In addition to all this, these specialists work hard to deliver very specific resources so that teachers walk away with ready-to-use materials.

Teaching Excellence would like to thank the following content facilitators and contributors for their effort and time to make content sessions at TE PLS an excellent part of our professional development:

Leslie Stiles

Peter Iverson

Brian Lawton

Mishaal Mahmud

Katie Norwood

Emily Shisler

Joseph Bartolotta

Chris Schumacher

Keith Desrosiers

Brenen Blair

Rhiannon Killian

Mollie Johnson

Michael Buck

Melissa Ng

Michael Dies

Lilia Pineda

Tatiana Caycedo


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