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Teaching Excellence TEacher Spotlight: Allie Weller

What organization do you work for? KIPP What grade-level and subject do you teach?  3rd grade Spanish Where did you attend college, and in what did you major?  List all that apply. I attended UNC-Chapel Hill in North Carolina.  I majored in International Studies (focus in health in Latin America) with a double minor in … Continue reading

Review Games – The Academic Olympics

Are you finding it hard to get your students to review material from the first half of the year? Whether you are prepping for mid-terms, common assessments, or state tests- reviewing material can be challenging. What do the students remember? What have they completely forgotten, and what do they just need a refresher on? How … Continue reading

Mix it Up Mid-year Links

Written by Jaclyn McCormick, TE Instructional Coach Hitting the mid-year slump in your classroom? The links below will help you mix up your classroom and keep your students learning all year long. Everyone loves free videos! This site is great for finding fun, informative videos to show your class. Many are short and good to … Continue reading

3 Tips for Passing the PPR

Written by Ronda Powell, TE Manager of Certification/Operations Our next Teaching Excellence professional learning event is approaching quickly along with the date for registering and taking the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities exam. In preparation for this test, our next PLS will be dedicated to PPR review. For ACP candidates studying for this test, here are … Continue reading

The Day that I Almost Cried and/or Vomited in Front of an Army of Adolescents

Written By: Sarah Murphy, TE Instructional Coach Darkness covered the parking lot of Waller Junior High that early August morning when I pulled my yellow Volkswagen Beetle up to the place where I would begin my teaching career. Day one of year one. After devoting my college career to the study of education, I had … Continue reading

Dear IC…Proactively Addressing Students’ Behavior

Dear IC, As you know, I have been teaching for quite some time now… Well, a few months, but that’s pretty much forever. Nonetheless, I have had countless opportunities to observe my students and have become pretty good at reading their “moods.” I have this one student who, upon entering my class, I just know … Continue reading

Teaching Excellence Teacher Spotlight: Lila Situ

What organization do you work for? KIPP SHINE What grade-level and subject do you teach? Pre-Kindergarten, self-contained Where did you attend college and in what did you major? List all that apply. The University of Texas at Austin B.A. Psychology B.S. Communication Studies, Human Relations Business Foundations certified by the McCombs School of Business What … Continue reading

Don’t be a Victim: Protect against “The Slump”

Written by JoAnna Duncan, TE Instructional Coach Yes, it’s that time of year. Thanksgiving break is on the horizon, although you may feel like it’s still ages away. It feels like each school day is actually stretching longer, while hours of sunlight are getting shorter. The good news is that you are not alone, and … Continue reading

TEam Member Spotlight: JoAnna Duncan

What is your role on the TEam? I’m an Instructional Coach. Where did you study? List all that apply. I studied Public Relations and Education at the University of Florida, and I also studied Education at the University of St. Thomas. Why are you passionate about education and teacher development? I love inspiring teachers in … Continue reading

Those Who Teach…Do Everything! (Election Day Special)

Written By Laura Washington, TE Instructional Coach Ahhh November! A time when the leaves change color (except in Houston where the temperature is still 88 degrees), turkeys should begin to get scared, and the United States is overwhelmed by ELECTION FEVER! STOP! Before you click away from this post, let me explain. I am … Continue reading

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