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5 Links to Get You Excited About TEaching

Compiled by Jaclyn McCormick, TE Instructional Coach

Do you want new ideas to try out in your classroom? There are so many websites and resources for teachers out there that sometimes it is hard to find time to sort through them al, and find ideas that will work for you. Here are five links to resources that I have found helpful, and I think you will too.

  1. This website has SO many great videos for improving your teaching practice for all grade levels and subjects. There are videos with behavior management tips and videos with lesson ideas for all grade levels. You can also filter and search videos if you are looking for something specific.

  2. This is the link to a great collaborative learning activity you can try in your classroom. It even gives ideas for how to apply it to a variety of content areas.

  3. A different spin on student journals… one journal for the whole class. I especially like the idea that absent students can check out the journal and see what they missed. J Also, there are plenty of other fun ideas at this site for you crafty teachers out there!

  4. So many amazing anchor charts here! And the bonus, a lot of them are charts you can have your students make in groups after reading a text.

  5. Check this out for some fun science experiments. I am a personal fan of the Rock Candy experiment. This site also offers other good science related info such as science fair ideas.

    What websites have you come to rely on as a teacher?

    Share your favorite links in the comments section to help out your fellow teachers


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