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Those Who Teach…Do Everything! (Election Day Special)

Written By Laura Washington, TE Instructional Coach

Ahhh November! A time when the leaves change color (except in Houston where the temperature is still 88 degrees), turkeys should begin to get scared, and the United States is overwhelmed by ELECTION FEVER!

STOP! Before you click away from this post, let me explain. I am NOT going to start posting my own political beliefs like every single “friend” that you have on Facebook. As I have watched the debates on TV, and endured endless commercials, it got me thinking about politicians. What they say they do, what they actually do, and how that compares to what teachers do on a daily basis. Just like my “Teachers Are Better Than Doctors” blog, see below for my comparison chart, and feel free to add your own comments and comparisons!


Why Teachers are Just as Important as Politicians! (If not more!)



  • Make appearances at schools for story time and photo ops.

    (And occasionally get photo-bombed)

  • Spend millions of dollars on billboards, advertisements, commercials, and mailers.
  • Engage in debates to discuss current events and foreign policy.

  • Jet-set around the county on private planes for campaign events.

  • Debate about what the best educational “policies” are.

  • Filibuster bills that their party does not completely agree with.
  • Average salary of a member of Congress: $174,000

  • “Appear” at school on a daily basis to deliver solid literacy instruction
  • Spend hundreds of dollars on Kleenex, crayons, and PENCILS!
  • Teach foreign languages and help students participate in productive classroom discussions.
  • Travel around on yellow school busses to take students on field trips

  • Implement routines, procedures, and policies on a daily basis to keep their classroom running smoothly.

  • Collaborate and compromise with other grade levels and content areas to do what is best for students

  • Average salary of an elementary teacher: $55,270 (

Teaching should be just as respected as other professions that are “highly regarded” in the United States. As I have been working with teachers so far this year, I believe this even more!

In what other ways are teachers better than or just as important as our country’s politicians?

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