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5 Links to Check Your Tech

Are you feeling like your classroom needs to step into the 21st century? Put away the chalkboards, and check out these 5 links to help you integrate technology into your classroom. Love staying on top of the latest technology trends? This link has great ideas on how to integrate QR codes into your classroom. What … Continue reading

Dear IC…Authentic Student Engagement

Dear IC, I feel like I’m in a pretty good place now. To start, Thanksgiving break was AWESOME. I forgot what it was like to sleep. Oh, and Winter Break is only three weeks away? Yeah, I’m in a good place… But also really with classes. Students are generally compliant and do what I ask. … Continue reading

Who Knew a Tooth Could Cause So Much Panic?

Written by Johnie Flores, TE Instructional Coach The first day of my first year as a teacher started off like most other first year teachers. I was excited to meet my students, nervous about whether they’d like me, and planned the entire first day to each minute. I thought my team-building activities were above average … Continue reading

Those Who Teach…Do Everything! (Part 3) – or how teachers are more important than Santa!

Written by TE Instructional Coach Laura Washington Just in time to help you recover from your turkey coma and Black Friday blues (or at least give your credit card a break) comes the third addition to the “Those Who Teach” series!! In the past, I have compared teachers to doctors and politicians and found a … Continue reading

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