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Those Who Teach…Do Everything! (Part 3) – or how teachers are more important than Santa!

Written by TE Instructional Coach Laura Washington

Just in time to help you recover from your turkey coma and Black Friday blues (or at least give your credit card a break) comes the third addition to the “Those Who Teach” series!! In the past, I have compared teachers to doctors and politicians and found a number of commonalities between these highly regarded professions and teaching. As teachers return to the classroom from Thanksgiving break, it is ever important to remember how much they give to their students on a daily basis. Teaching in the United States should be viewed as one of the most important professions, and great teachers must be reminded of this as much as possible.

As the month of December approaches, and the sounds of holiday music continue to blare on all around us, it only makes sense for me to compare teachers to the most jolly of all people… Santa.


Why Teachers are More Important than Santa!



Delivers coal to kids on   the naughty list without a second opinion Deliver positive behavior   narration, private redirections, and seek-out support for students who   struggle
Relies on hundreds of   elves at the North Pole to help him prepare for a once-a-year holiday Rely on themselves (and their planning partners) to prepare for   multiple classes every day of the week
Creates a gift list and   only checks it twice Create seating charts,   check them multiple times, and continually adjust them for the best possible   arrangement
Rides around in a sleigh   chauffeured by 8 flying reindeer Often ride around in cars   older than they are (or a 2000 Jeep Cherokee with no AC…ahem 🙂 )
Recovers from 1 long day and night of work with 364 days off Recover from a 50-hour   week with 2 days of planning, grading, and hopefully sleep!
Visits homes in secret, entering through the chimney (only a   little creepy…) Make home visits to   invest families in campus goals and motivate students to be successful at   school
Average salary: Unlimited milk and cookies Average salary of an elementary teacher: $55,270 (  

Happy holidays to all!



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