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5 Links to Check Your Tech

Are you feeling like your classroom needs to step into the 21st century? Put away the chalkboards, and check out these 5 links to help you integrate technology into your classroom.

  1. Love staying on top of the latest technology trends? This link has great ideas on how to integrate QR codes into your classroom. What a great way to get students engaged in new information and review!

2.  This link showcases 5 great sites for student collaboration online. Make sure you check out #3, it is an online post-it note board- So much fun!

3.  Do you want your students to succeed in science, technology, engineering, and math careers? Read this interesting article on why STEM teachers must teach students how to fail.

4.  This is a great blog post on why students should blog. Technology and improved writing skills- it’s a win-win situation.

5.  Do you have access to one iPad that you don’t know how to best use in a class of 25 students? This link gives you some ideas of how to best use an iPad in your classroom as well as a SUPER long list of apps. As an added bonus, check out the link within this link for elementary teachers.

What is your favorite technology site or iPad app? Share answers and comments below.


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