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Those Who Teach…Do Everything! (Part 4)

By Laura Washington, Instructional Coach


Ahhhh. The constant holiday carols are gone, only to be replaced with Tom Jones’s voice telling us, “Love is in the air. Everywhere I look around. Love is in the air.” We are also inundated with Jane Seymour’s “Open Heart” necklace commercials. Thank you, Tom and Jane, for telling us all what love is really about…cheesy songs and questionable accessories.


When thinking about love, there are a number of things that come to my mind. I think back to the hundreds and thousands of moments that I LOVED with my third and fourth grade students, like our shared appreciation of Roald Dahl and all his wonderfulness, and their hard work to be ready for middle school and beyond. In order to pay homage to this day of hearts, chocolates, and terrible romantic-comedies, I have continued my series where I compared teachers to doctors, politicians, and Santa, by comparing the MOST IMPORTANT job in the world (teaching) to none other than Mr. Love himself…cupid.





  • Is depicted in some forms of art and literature with a blindfold to show that love is often arbitrary


  • Is featured in poetry, lyrics, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream


  • Described as fickle, mischievous, and playful


  • Winged because lovers can be flighty and likely to change their minds


  • Shoots magical arrows with his bow to inspire romance and love


  • Often found floating through the clouds with his bow and arrow



Fun Fact – Also Known As:

Amour, the Roman God of love

Bes, the Egyptian God of love

  • Use super-human “teacher radar” and eyes in the back of their heads to see and address minor disruptions and exemplary behavior


  • Teach students to read, enjoy, and analyze poetry, lyrics, and Shakespeare’s classics


  • Best described as strict, AND warm


  • Grounded and un-winged because instruction is reliable


  • Shoot down gaps in literacy with inspired lesson planning and their love of learning


  • Bring students back from daydreaming in the clouds to make sure they are mastering the new material


Fun Fact – Represented As:

Ekineba, an African Goddess of teaching

Mystis, a Greek goddess of teaching


Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of love and appreciation. You deserve it!



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