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Elementary Work Stations

By Laura Washington, TE Instructional Coach


As spring break approaches, many teachers may be thinking of ways to update their work stations or centers without breaking the bank. The best workstations are those that keep students engaged while staying aligned to the content that you are teaching.  No worries…help is here! Below you will find some ideas for easy to create lower elementary work stations.


Work Station: Number Families/Fact Families

Materials Needed: Popsicle sticks and clothespins

This workstation could work for any operation that you were working on in class. To hold students accountable for the work that they do at this station, students could write down their number sentences on a piece of notebook paper once they were done. Teachers could then check that students are adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing correctly.


Work Station: Create Your Own Letters & Shapes

Materials Needed: Popsicle sticks and Velcro dots

Place Velcro dots on the ends of popsicle sticks and have students create their own letters and shapes. The hold students accountable have them trace the letter or shape when they are done. Teachers could also give students the required letters or shapes that they needed to create.


Work Station: Connect the Letters & Make a Word

Materials Needed: Connect 4 game and a sharpie pen

Students work to build at least a 3 letter word. To hold students accountable, make sure that they write the word that they created down. Students could also work together to create as many words as possible.


Work Station: Paint Sample Word Families

Materials Needed: Paint samples and a sharpie

Students use previously learned word parts with beginning or ending letters to create new words. To keep the station aligned, introduce the word parts as students learn them. Hold students accountable by setting a goal of how many words they need to create OR set a goal for each individual word part. (Example: For “ight” you need to find at least 4 words. Students would then find and write down fight, light, night, right, sight)


Work Station: Words With Legos

Materials Needed: Legos and a sharpie

Students work to “build” a word based on the letter or letters they find on the Legos. To hold students accountable, have them write down the words that they build. Teachers can also set a point goal and give students a point for each letter that they use in a word.


What are the work stations that work best in your class? If you have any other great ideas, please post them in the comments section!



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