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Professional Development

March PLS Preview

March 23rd marks the last official Teaching Excellence Professional Learning Saturday of this school year. We hope to send off our teachers with some new and impactful sessions this month. We’ll be offering two of the sessions we provided in February, so teachers can attend those they may have missed. Additionally, four other new sessions are available this time around, two of which have been newly created for this month only. We’re looking forward to seeing all of our teachers and partners soon!

Rigor Rising

Brain Based Lessons

Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom



More Lessons in Leadership: Effective Conversations

Focused Work Time

Detailed descriptions are included below.



Rigor Rising [NEW]

Want to push your students further and really ramp up the rigor of your lessons?  From ‘recall’ to ‘creation,’ this session will take teachers through each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy and will focus on both effective planning and implementation.  Teachers will discover new ways to refine their instruction and help students build a deeper understanding of their course’s content and concepts and will leave with concrete strategies for each of the stages of knowledge/skill acquisition.

Brain Based Lessons [NEW]

What does brain-based research say about increasing retention in students? This session will expose teachers to the most recent findings in the field of brain-based science and ask them to apply these findings to their own upcoming lessons. Students should expect more engaging lessons that result in information moving from short term to long term memory. Come ready to learn and do!

Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom [NEW] Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom is a newly-created session for teachers looking for ways to increase their productivity, heighten student achievement, and enrich communication with students. This session will introduce teachers to many web-based tools that can be applied in the classroom immediately.

Rubrics are absolutely necessary for students to excel at any task that is not a multiple choice assessment. Providing your expectations and strong examples before your students engage in a project or task will improve their performance and make grading easier and more objective. This sessions guides participants through creating and using a rubric with your students and also exposes teachers to examples of rubrics from many content areas.


Foldables aren’t for everyone… WRONG! This session will give you several ideas to try with your class, allow you time to practice making them, teach you how to efficiently teach them to your students, and show you how your students will use them to increase their own retention! You will NOT want to miss this.

More Lessons in Leadership: Effective Conversations [NEW]

This session will look forward to next year when you are a second year teacher on your campus and are in more of a position to act as a leader for your students. One of the biggest skills a leader must have is the ability to make his or her thoughts clear to others with the confidence to know that your communication skills will get your message across. This session will cover the finer points of relationship building through planning and executing effective conversations.

Focused Work Time

Offered during the last block only, Focused Work Time gives teachers an opportunity to implement strategies that were presented during earlier portions of the day. Instructional Coaches will be on hand to support and offer best practices to all who attend. Rooms for both collaborative and independent work time will be offered.

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