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Why Didn’t I Think of That? 5 Classroom Tips and Tricks Take 2


The internet has so many great tips and tricks to make teachers’ lives easier, and sometimes it is hard to find the time to sort through them all. Here is a list of our recent favorites.


  • Paint the ends of popsicle sticks different colors so you know who you called on, but the students don’t. Replace sticks in the cup with the opposite color end showing. Students will still believe they have a chance of being called on, but you can strategically continue to call on different students. Brilliant!


  • Students love playing games with dice, and there are many great ways to use dice in the classroom. Keep students from chasing dice around the room and also from driving you insane with the constant sound of dice hitting desks with this easy trick. J


  • A smart way to have meaningful early finisher work- Give each student a work box that they can go to when they finish early or need extra homework. The teacher can decide what work to put in the box based upon each student’s need and skill level.



  • Checking homework can be time consuming- if you let it. Implementing a system like this lets the students do it and gives you an easy visual of how many students didn’t do their homework. Students turn their clothes pin to a smiley face (write a number on one side and a smiley face or other symbol for older grades on the other side) when they turn their homework in.



  • Seating plus storage! These are great for a reading circle or small group intervention setting. Students can store their books and materials under their seats to avoid messy transitions.



Share your favorite blog or tricks with us below.


One thought on “Why Didn’t I Think of That? 5 Classroom Tips and Tricks Take 2

  1. a lot of these ideas are cute and show insight in a child’s mind! awesome

    Posted by zachandclem | March 9, 2013, 2:16 am

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