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Foldables! How to Fold Your Way to Student Achievement

Written by Jaclyn McCormick, Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach Confession: I used to hate foldables. I thought they were cute art projects and a waste of instructional time. I am embarrassed to admit it now, but I was definitely the teacher who just pulled a few kids with good hand writing and told them to make … Continue reading

TEach ‘Em Up: The Power of Growth Minded Teachers

Written by Daya Cozzolino, TE Instructional Coach In TE our motto is “TEach ‘Em Up”, a simple, and yet incredibly powerful phrase. However, I often wonder what this phrase truly means for our our teachers, students and the members of the TEam. Recently a colleague gave me this excerpt from the book Mindset. The section that I … Continue reading

Five Thoughts on Sir Ken Robinson’s Talk Written by Paul Needham, TE Instructional Coach After watching this animation accompanying a speech by Sir Ken Robinson, I am struck by several thoughts. I needed to watch this video again in order to allow the drawings to add to the message, rather than distract me from it. I would encourage anyone who remembers … Continue reading

The Power of Choice: How to Create Choice in Student Projects

The year is coming to an end, students are beginning to finish up their state exams, and you’re likely thinking about how to finish strong in your classroom. Designing engaging end of the year activities is an exciting thing for students and teachers alike. It’s also a great way to ensure students have the foundational … Continue reading

Teaching Excellence Teacher Spotlight: Jocelyn Thomas

What organization do you work for? YES Prep NORTH FOREST “Da Forest”!!! What grade-level and subject do you teach? 11th grade U.S. History Where did you attend college and in what did you major? List all that apply. I attended Smith College (Northampton, MA) where I majored in Afro-American Studies and minored in Women’s Studies. … Continue reading

Project PINspiration: Useful Links to Aid Classroom Projects

Written by Sarah Murphy, Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach Support Specialist The close of the school year is a time when students can demonstrate mastery on things learned in classrooms in a variety of ways, and one such way is in the form of a project. Click through the links below to see ways in which … Continue reading

5 Books to Inspire the Work You Do

Calvin J. Stocker It’s almost here, the infamous “break.” While you will hopefully be preparing for a small hiatus from the classroom, I also know that some of your time will be spent preparing for your classroom next year. At Teaching Excellence, we are always looking forward and seeking out the absolute best development opportunities. … Continue reading

Teaching Excellence Teacher Spotlight: Etna Tiburcio

What organization do you work for? Spring Branch ISD What grade-level and subject do you teach? 4th grade bilingual, self-contained at Shadow Oaks ES Where did you attend college and in what did you major? List all that apply. Brown University- B.A. Community Health What is the best part of teaching? What is the most … Continue reading

Brain Based Learning: 3 Tips for Increasing Student Retention

     Visual Three days after you hear something, you’ll remember 10% of it. If a picture is added to the exact same information, you’ll remember 65%! Therefore, you want your PowerPoints to be more like this: And less like this:      Reflection Give students processing opportunities that are both relevant and allow them to reflect … Continue reading

How Can I Effectively Engage Students in Test Review?: 3 Must-Haves to Incorporate for Test Review

Written by Sarah Murphy, Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach Across the nation, classrooms are bustling as teachers urgently and effectively prepare students to demonstrate mastery on standardized tests, unit tests, and end of year assessments of all shapes and sizes. Targeted instruction and strategic re-teaching of objectives maximizes the likelihood that students will achieve success on … Continue reading

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