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TEam Member Top 10 Favorite Books

You can tell a lot about a person by what he/she reads. Teaching Excellence Instructional Coaches are always reading something. See below for a list of one of our coach’s all-time favorites. The recommendations might be just what you’re looking for whether you want to do some late night recreational reading or classroom research.

TEam Member Name: Sarah Murphy

SM_Avon Walk Finish

Top 10 Favorite Books
1.  Les Miserables: All forms of love (sacrificial, brotherly, unrequited, first love, selfish, selfless, love of country, etc) are represented in Victor Hugo’s masterpiece. Get through the chapters on the Paris sewer systems and the Battle of Waterloo and bask in the beauty of epic writing and magnificent characters.
2.  Harry Potter series: Rowling’s humor and lovable character make this 4,195 page series worth the investment.  Magic, bravery, and the trials and tribulations of adolescence pepper the pages of these whimsical tomes.  Read them.  Read them now.
3.   The Kite Runner: Beautiful, tragic, and powerful.  So wonderful.
4.  The Picture of Dorian Gray: Wilde is a wonderfully witty wordsmith, and this book weaves in his word magic with a dark little story involving a painting.  A bad painting.  Loved it!
5.  Sense and Sensibility: Jane Austen. Sisters in despair (no dowry! No husbands! Ahhhhh!).  Dinners and dancing and love.
6.  The Book Thief: A book narrated by Death.  A book set in Germany during the Holocaust narrated by Death.  A book which jumps back and forth in time, explores the beautiful friendship between two children growing up during World War II, and spotlights a family hiding a Jewish man in Germany which is narrated by Death.  Beyond awesome.
7.  Brain Rules: I love learning. I love learning what makes my brain happy.  This book tells me all about what makes my brain happy
8.  Readicide: Kelly Gallagher delves into what makes reading instruction effective, rigorous, and purposeful. Yesssssssssss.
9.  The Giver: Dystopia before dystopia was cool. 
10.  Teach Like a Champion:  True story, I LOVE learning how to be better in a classroom for children.  I have never read a more useful, clear guide to doing what is best for students in the classroom. Thankful it exists



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