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Where to Work in Houston? Coffee shops and eateries which make great work spots

BY: Emily Ewing and Sarah Murphy

Fact: Teaching takes a lot of time and is a lot of work. While teachers do have at least one planning period per day, there is typically additional work (lesson planning, paper grading, etc.) which might need to be done outside of the working day. Weekends can be a time to find a great coffee shop, slip on some headphones, and grade the 147 essays students turned in on Friday in a timely manner.

So, where are some nice spots to sit and grade/work/read in the city of Houston? Read on, friend! There are a wonderful variety of places which make for solid work spots, so get excited!

  1. Onion Creek

    3106 White Oak Dr., Houston, TX 77007

    Pros: Onion Creek features outdoor seating, a menu chockfull of delicious salads, sandwiches, and burgers as well as breakfast + coffee options. Seating choices include couches, outside tables, and little tables inside. Charming little flower arrangements adorn each table and bring smiles to the faces of folks hunkering down for a few hours of work.

    Cons: The OC’s parking lot is on the small side; however, there is an adjacent lot which accounts for this.

  2. Agora

    Location: 1712 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77098

    Pros: Two story coffee shop with tasty coffee and spittin’ distance from the wonders of Montrose. Wi-Fi accessible and casual vibe.

    Cons: Parking lot is tiny, and Agora can fill up quickly, with seating becoming a problem.

  3. Café Express

    Location: 3200 Kirby Drive #100, Houston, TX 77098

    Pros: Ample parking and ample seating-the weekend work day dream. Choose between booths and tables, select from the giant menu with tasty options, and access Wi-Fi in order to have yourself a great little work day.

    Cons: I am hugely biased-I see no cons to this place, largely because there is always parking and always a seat available.

  4. Brasil

    2604 Dunlavy St., Houston, TX 77006

    Pros: Great indoor and outdoor seating with a delicious menu of pizzas, salads, pastries and more. Access Wi-Fi and devour a warm cup of coffee to get your work done in good taste.

    Cons: Because this place is that tasty, the line can get pretty long. If you are in a rush, do not come here. But if you have some time to spare, the wait is worth it.

  5. Location: 1732 Westheimer Rd., Houston TX 77098
    Ample indoor and outdoor seating with a full café menu and accessible Wi-Fi. Take advantage of Empire Café’s coffee drinks served with two free cookies. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you do not leave without getting a slice of one of the fabulous homemade cakes.
    None! Always a great place to get some good work completed.

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2 thoughts on “Where to Work in Houston? Coffee shops and eateries which make great work spots

  1. Thank you for posting this! I’ve been looking for cool work spots since I moved back to Houston last month. 🙂

    Posted by Ashley Jones | June 20, 2013, 3:55 pm
  2. The Black Hole Coffee Shop on Graustark is a nice place to work, Antidote in The Heights and Inversion on Montrose right before West Gray are also good options! Another one is Salentos in The Village.

    Posted by Sara Llansa | June 20, 2013, 4:50 pm

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