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TEam Member Spotlights

TEam Member Spotlight: Courtney Robinson


What is your role on the TEam?

I am an Instructional Coach.

Where did you study?

I received my undergraduate degree from the amazing University of South Carolina. I also studied Education at the University of St. Thomas.

Why are you passionate about education and teacher development?

Both as a student and as a teacher, I have learned first-hand that great teachers are the game changers in the lives of students. I clearly remember my best teachers. My first grade teacher who was caring beyond words, my middle school math teacher who taught me the grit to work through my weakest subject, and my high school biology teacher who believed I could conquer the world, have all undoubtedly shaped my life. I believe every student deserves to have amazing teachers who inspire them to reach their highest potential.

Describe a successful teaching strategy that you used in the classroom or that you frequently recommend to your teachers.

Routines, routines, routines! Routines are time-saving, promote a strong sense of urgency and help the classroom run like a well-oiled machine. I had a routine for entering the class, passing in/out papers, homework collection, lab supplies, exiting the classroom and more! Students appreciated the structure, and it allowed us to spend less time on logistics and more time learning.

What advice would you have for an educator that aspires to become an instructional leader?

Be open to feedback and constantly seek ways to improve. It also helps to be reflective of your own practice and acknowledging areas of strength and weakness.

When you are not working on closing the achievement gap, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy working out, trying out the city’s restaurants, and spending days in the sunshine!



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