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TE Top 10…Places to eat on the cheap because you just graduated and aren’t getting paid yet!

We’ve compiled some of the TEam’s favorites for those of you new to town or if you just want some new places to try that won’t break the bank.

Barnaby’s & Baby Barnaby’s – several coaches named this Montrose duo as a favorite. Baby Barnaby’s has incredible breakfast and everything at Barnaby’s, from the burgers to the veggie lasagna, is delicious and guaranteed to give you lunch for the next day.

Udipi Café – vegetarian Indian food on Hillcroft with a flavor all its own. The lunch buffet is really good and really cheap. And Jaclyn says they give a teacher discount!

Avalon Diner – Elisa spoke up for this fantastic breakfast spot on Westheimer near Kirby for classic American diner food. Part of the charm is the not-super-nice staff and getting to eat at the diner counter. 2417 Westheimer

Mai’s – a Vietnamese restaurant on Milam, it’s the go-to Vietnamese spot for many Houstonians.

Torchy’s Tacos – this taco joint, currently with 2 locations in River Oaks and Rice, is an Austin-import that is already a favorite for many on the TEam, including Logan and Emily.

Hickory Hollow – Best known for their Texas-style barbecue and enormous chicken fried steak, this could be a great introduction to Texas, if you’re new in town. It’s in the Heights area.

Fadi’s – At least once a week, someone on the TEam makes a lunch run to this Mediterranean favorite. It only makes the cheap list because the portions are so enormous you can easily share. Ashley and Daya are big fans!

100% Taquito – an authentic Mexico City-style taqueria located centrally right off 59. Super cheap and everything is delicious.

Les Givrals Sandwich and Café – Calvin and others vouch for this great Banh Mi shop on Travis.

The Hobbit Café – Come on, it’s based on the Hobbit! For over 40 years it has kept folks coming back – great place for vegetarian options, fresh fruit smoothies, and patio-sitting under the oak tree.

100% Taquito

Do you agree with our Top 10? What are other great ‘cheap eats’ in Houston?


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