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What to Wear and What NOT to Wear

Written by Jaclyn McCormick, TE Instructional Coach

I remember when I first started teaching. I thought I had everything covered once the notebooks were purchased, anchor charts were hung, and seats were assigned. Then I opened my closet and realized I had been wearing jeans and sweatshirts to class every day in college. I had 1 button down shirt and 2 pairs of dress pants. So now that you are a teacher, start your teacher wardrobe off right with the essentials.

    What NOT to Wear                                                              What to Wear

This is a great teacher dress. Problem is it is sleeveless. Temperatures at schools go up and down. I have often found sleeveless dresses alone to be just too cold.

Solution to a sleeveless dress: buy lots and lots of cardigans. Cardigans will be your new best friend. I am being serious when I say my closet now closely resembles Mr. Roger’s, as I have a cardigan in just about every color.

These shoes are adorable and would look fabulous with a pencil skirt, but I am going to warn you now: Don’t splurge on too many heels if you are going to be a teacher. My first year, everyone warned me, and it wasn’t until after the first day I decided to rock the heels and could barely move let alone feel my feet by 3 p.m. that I learned my lessons. Save the heels for the weekend ladies.

Invest in some quality flats instead of heels. They are cute, sensible, and stylish. They still look professional and will allow you to move comfortable throughout your busy day. Make sure you have a comfortable pair in tan and black and you are good to go.

Jeans are great on casual days, but most schools do not allow jeans on a day to day basis. Also just a warning- you are a teacher and you will interact with lots of messy children and supplies, so white is always a color I avoided when doing my back to school shopping.

If you still want to show off the latest styles, opt for colored, cropped dress pants instead of colored jeans. They still look great and add a pop of color to any outfit.

The length of your skirt is very important as a professional. Although this skirt doesn’t look short, as a teacher you will be reaching for things and leaning over to help students quite a bit. Also when you sit down, skirts tend to creep up so watch your skirt length.

Pencil skirts that come to your knees offer a great option for a flattering style that is teacher length friendly. As a teacher I always opted for knee length or longer skirts just to be safe.



One thought on “What to Wear and What NOT to Wear

  1. great tips!

    Posted by Eleni Agiz | June 30, 2013, 3:43 pm

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