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Induction Day 2: Voices From the Field

Teaching Excellence would like to extend a big thank you to all of the current YES Prep and KIPP teachers who took time out of their summer break to join us today for the “Voices from the Field Panel“. Our panel members’ stories and advice spoke volumes of their commitment to their students each and every day. The advice and suggestions also impacted hundreds of new teachers who in just a few weeks will be walking into their own classrooms for the first time. Panel members spoke of how to build transformative relationships with students and offered suggestions on how to use those relationships to improve classroom management and therefore prepare students to achieve their maximum potential. Below, David Bullis who will be teaching 7th grade History at YES Prep Gulfton and Julie Georgewho will be teaching 6th Grade ELA at KIPP Sharpstown shared with us their take away from today’s “Voices from the Field Panel“.

“The panel was an excellent way to hear real stories from real teachers. They had very creative strategies for solving problems we will all encounter!” David Bullis

“It was informative and practical. I appreciated hearing suggestions from those in the classroom.” Julie George

What stuck with you from today’s panel? Share with us below.


One thought on “Induction Day 2: Voices From the Field

  1. I learn today that all the teachers pass for the similar problems in the first year like a teacher, and there is awsome to hear another teachers how can resolve those situatiuation and the bigest thing for me was the panel cheer with us their experiences. I like it, and thank you for give to me examples for the differnts senarios.

    Posted by Karina Quezada | July 12, 2013, 12:35 am

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