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TE Induction

Induction Day 3: Teaching Excellence Execution Protocols

By: Sarah Murphy

“To practice is to declare, I can be better.”- Practice Perfect, xiii

Teaching Excellence Induction participants entered a new phase today: the execution protocol phase. ‘Execution Protocols’ are sessions devoted to that which we know to be most impactful to development: practice.
Teaching Excellence sessions center on best practices for the classroom, and a significant portion of the day is spent with participants practicing the skills which are taught and receiving targeted feedback around these areas. Practice must be executed correctly; feedback from a seasoned professional-a coach- helps to insure that practice is executed correctly and built into muscle memory. Practicing is no easy task. Seasoned athletes, actors, and performers practice regularly, but practice is not a consistent part of the professional world. And it should be. Practicing in the correct manner is a way to improve, and the students in our classrooms deserve instructors who are committed to improvement.

Dan Heath, author of powerful books such as Made to Stick and Switch, notes in the forward he wrote for Practice Perfect that “The enemies of practice are pride and fear and self-satisfaction. To practice requires humility.” It is daunting to stand up in front of peers and attempt to replicate what was just taught. There might be mistakes or judgment from others-failure and fear prevent practice from flourishing. In order to eradicate these detractors of practice, Doug Lemov, Erica Woolway, and Katie Yezzi-the authors of Practice Perfectnote the critical nature of a “culture of practice”. The mindset around practice, acceptance of practice, and desire to practice must be ingrained in an organization in order for practice to have any traction. Teaching Excellence Induction is the starting line for a yearlong journey devoted to practice. Here are some highlights from today’s execution protocols.

A huge ‘thank you’ to the Teaching Excellence teachers and TEam members for their commitment to practice! TE teachers, share your thoughts below! How was your first day of Execution Protocols?



2 thoughts on “Induction Day 3: Teaching Excellence Execution Protocols

  1. From a coaching and facilitator perspective, these Execution Protocols have been absolutely inspiring! The level of dedication, risk-taking, and performance I have seen lets me know that this will be the best year for KIPP, YES Prep, Spring Branch ISD, and Uplift students yet.

    Teach ’em up!

    Posted by Calvin | July 15, 2013, 3:14 pm
  2. Wow ! I learned more different strategies from my teammates to how can execution protocols run in this practice, I like it!, I love and enjoy it a lot, especially when I got the feedback about my grow and glob from my coaches.

    Posted by Karina Quezada | July 15, 2013, 9:49 pm

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