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Induction Day 5: Campus Observations

Reflecting on my own experiences in the classroom, some of the best professional development and inspiration that I got was from observing other great teachers. There is something about seeing a teacher and students from an outside perspective that was truly empowering and always pushed me to continue to better my own teaching practice. At Teaching Excellence, we want to expose teachers to great instruction before they step into their classrooms. Today TE teachers met bright and early at six YES Prep campuses across Houston to observe summer school instruction. Teachers got to see everything from culture-building at one of YES Prep’s newest campuses, YES Prep White Oak, to math remediation at YES Prep North Central. Check out what two TE teachers took away from this experience:

“I got to see a teacher I heard so much about in action. Seeing how he taught students a procedure for attention-getting and then sitting through the session at TE gave me such a clear picture of how to teach my students.” –Anne

“One teacher I saw today really stood out and impressed me. She is everything I have been learning in the past five days. She had good attention-getting techniques, she was positive, and she had great reinforcement and redirection. It was really exciting and pumped me up to enter my own classroom.” –Jenny

Share with us below what you took away from your observations today, or share a story from a great classroom observation that you’ve had in the past. How will these observations affect your teaching practice?

Jamie Horton, Induction Teacher Leader and 6th grade ELA teacher at YES Prep Fifth Ward, prepares TE teachers for campus observations.


One thought on “Induction Day 5: Campus Observations

  1. I really liked making the observations, in schools. Seeing as teachers adapt the strategies to the needs of the class. I love to observed the classroom teacher # 6. I call it in my notes Ms, D, because for me it is a bit difficult to pronounce her name, she was Yes Prep Southwest campus. I was surprised as making his class and used different Technicas of AGT with their students. He continued with his class.

    Posted by Karina Quezada | July 25, 2013, 12:16 am

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