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TE Induction

Induction Day 6: Content Day!

By: Sarah Murphy

Teaching Excellence provides year-long support to novice teachers in order to share best practices for the classroom and to help teachers deliver quality instruction to students. Many of the sessions are applicable to all content areas and grade-levels. However, while we recognize that best practices are transferrable to all content areas and grade-levels, we at TE also understand the need for collaboration among the community of teachers who instruct the same grade-level and content area.

Summer Induction content sessions kicked off today, and content support will continue throughout the year at Professional Learning Saturdays. At content sessions, the content leaders—teachers from elementary classrooms all the way up to high school courses—tailor their sessions to the intricacies of their particular
course and grade-level in order to impact the teaching practices of our novice teachers. Today, TE teachers witnessed model lessons and best practices for their particular content areas. Take a look at what they experienced:

“Great time meeting other excited social studies teachers. The opportunity to see our objectives and begin planning was very comforting.” –Daniel M.

“I think it was very helpful and insightful. It was fun to be able to interact with our material and to dive into the minds of our children.” –Christian R.

“Loved content time. I feel so much more prepared and ready to get the show on the road!” Yuliana A.

Support targeted to the various classrooms that our teachers lead is something that sets TE apart. We sincerely appreciate the exceptional support and instruction provided to our teachers by these leaders in education!



One thought on “Induction Day 6: Content Day!

  1. This session was very interesting because here is the time where empiesas to put on the desk all the puzzle pieces of your LP.

    Posted by Karina Quezada | July 25, 2013, 12:19 am

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