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TE Induction

Induction Day 12: Campus Culture and Presentation of Learning


This year, Teaching Excellence will support nearly 300 teachers who, in just a few weeks, will set out across 40 campuses to teach nearly 35,000 students. On day 12, we had the privilege of welcoming 97 administrators and instructional leaders from YES Prep, KIPP: Houston, and Spring Branch ISD for our campus connection day. The day consisted of two parts: a campus culture session and the Presentation of Learning. At the campus culture session, administrators met with new teachers to discuss the culture and systems that are unique to their campuses. At the Presentation of Learning, new teachers modeled a 5-minute roll-out of a routine or procedure that they have worked on throughout their time at Teaching Excellence Induction.

At Teaching Excellence,
we cultivate an environment where teachers are constantly growing and improving, and we strongly value feedback. During the Presentation of Learning, each new teacher received feedback from both an instructional coach and an administrator at their school. Teachers will be able to implement this feedback on the first day of school.

Although nerves were high for some teachers, feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Administrators described their experience today as “inspiring, informative, and energizing.” As we gear up for the last day of Teaching Excellence Induction, our teachers are ready and prepared for their first days of school!



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