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Professional Development

October PLS Preview

By: Teaching Excellence

October is here, and we have some ‘gourd-geous’ choices for PLS this month!

Teaching Excellence is excited to offer sessions guaranteed to bring joy, engagement, and lots of learning to your classrooms!

We are also excited about our theme for the month: Autumnal Colors! Feel free to wear colors which represent autumn (red, orange, brown, goldenrod, yellow, etc).

Read through these descriptions to help you select your courses for the day:

Joy Factor:
Put the joy into your classroom! Why, you ask? Because the children will retain more information, you will be delighted by their achievement, and class time will focused, upbeat, and full of JOY.

Use of Time:
Time is our most valuable asset and precious commodity. Time in class should be dedicated to student mastery of objectives, and teachers should be maximizing time at all costs. This session will show participants ways to effectively utilize their class time and allow for student processing in which students think, speak, and write.

Teacher Model and Think Aloud:
Insight into the way that an expert thinks guides the thinking of novices. Students benefit tremendously from seeing and hearing how their instructor would tackle a problem. Attend this session and receive best practices on how to make sure that your ‘think alouds’ are most beneficial to students!

Big 6: Make It Stick:
There are 6 powerful, purposeful strategies which, when used in a classroom, aid students in retaining and mastering information. Learn these strategies. Use these strategies. Be amazed at the impact on your students.

Lesson Internalization:
It is the best of times and the worst of times. Receiving materials from another teacher to use in your classroom is a wonderful blessing, AND it can cause a myriad of problems if you do not know how to ‘internalize’ a lesson properly. Attend this session to learn how to adapt, tweak, and change lesson materials in order to make them the most beneficial for YOUR classroom and YOUR students.


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