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Professional Development

November PLS Preview

Our November PLS features a multitude of sessions which will offer strategies, solutions, and tips which benefit your students! Read the descriptions below in order to choose what best fits the needs of your classroom!

November Course Descriptions

Priority Session


Curious to learn best practices for how to use group work in your classroom? Anxious to see effective strategies and learn the critical components of group work? Then get excited because this session will show you when group work should be used, what makes group work effective, and will provide you with exposure to a multitude of stellar strategies to steal when you implement group work in your classroom!

Choice Sessions


Guest Facilitator: Chris Fraser of RELAY Graduate School of Education

Often, when people are asked what teaching is, they say something like “bestowing knowledge.” After some time in the classroom, you’ve probably realized that there’s a lot more to it than that. Clear introduction to new material that will “stick” with students requires thoughtful  planning and “dress rehearsal” practice of delivery.   In this session, you’ll learn a step-by-step process for planning and delivering clear and “sticky” introduction to new material (INM).  We will focus on the  concept of “Clarity” as it is explained in The Skillful Teacher, focusing specifically on the introduction of new material with a variety of explanatory devices.

*Pre-Work:  teachers will bring in the introduction to new material section of an upcoming or recently past lesson.  Also, if you have a smart phone that can record audio, bring that as well!”


TE Rubric: Content Delivery

Insight into the way that an expert thinks guides the thinking of novices. Students benefit tremendously from seeing and hearing how their instructor would tackle a problem. Attend this session and receive best practices on how to make sure that your ‘think alouds’ are most beneficial to students!


TE Rubric: Questioning Strategies, Rigorous Expectations

This session covers one of the more advanced questioning strategies and can be implemented in any educational setting. Teachers will be taught how to ensure that all students know the correct answer to a question prior to moving on. Participants will have an opportunity to see these strategies used in videos, models, and in their own practice.


TE Rubric: Student Engagement, Content Delivery, Sense of Urgency

With end of semester testing quickly approaching, making the best use of invaluable review time is crucial for teachers and students alike. This session will both expose teachers to a variety of successful review strategies and model a selection of them to show participants what they will look and feel like to students. If you teach a subject that has a high-stakes test (grades 3 and up), this session should be considered a MUST!


TE Rubric: Use of Time, Questioning Strategies , Rigorous Expectations

“Everybody writes” is a technique in which teachers pose a question to their class with the expectation that all students write or record their thoughts and answers. This technique allows for student processing, helps increase student participation and helps increase retention of material. In the session, teachers will be provided with strategies to help incorporate this technique into their classroom and will have the opportunity to plan for implementation into their own classroom.


Are you feeling overwhelmed planning for your week? This session will help you take topics from your unit plan and create weekly plans with the resources you have available.  This session will focus on creating specific, measurable objective for each day of the following week.  Additionally, you will find resources to create exit tickets and/or independent practice for your lesson.  You should walk away with a clear vision of what students need to master and how they will show mastery each day.

*Pre-work: Please bring the following if you have them: unit plan from last month’s session, quad sheet/road map, any assessments you’ve created for your unit, and text books or other course specific resources you have available.

We are excited to see you in November! Share your thoughts in the comments section-what session are you excited to take at our November PLS?



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