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January PLS Sessions

Happy New Year! We hope that you had wonderful breaks and are ready to return to your classrooms as well as Teaching Excellence! Each month, we are excited to bring you sessions which we hope will drive student achievement in your classroom. Here are the session descriptions for this month:


This session is an introduction to the basic tenets of differentiation and then significant time in centers analyzing samples of various differentiation strategies and starting to apply a differentiation strategy to an upcoming lesson. Strategies at all levels of differentiation and difficulty are presented so all teachers should leave with something that fits the needs of their students.

Optional: Spring Branch Planning Session

Key Points: Emphasizing Key Points Through Content Delivery
This session is the next step in the Spring Branch lesson planning series. Now that you are writing MVP objectives and planning how you will assess mastery on a daily basis we will revisit the process of writing key points and discuss how to effectively use those key points throughout your lesson to ensure alignment on a day to day basis. This session will focus on emphasizing key points in your lesson delivery and in your teacher model.

Brain-Based Learning

What does brain-based research say about increasing retention in students? This session will expose teachers to the most recent findings in the field of brain-based science and ask them to apply these findings to their own upcoming lessons. Students should expect more engaging lessons that result in information moving from short term to long term memory. Come ready to learn and do! Teachers: please bring a set of key points for an upcoming lesson OR an old lesson plan which you can use the key points from to use in practice.

Required: Please bring an old lesson plan with key points or an upcoming lesson plan with key points.

Stretch It

The most advanced questioning technique offered, “Stretch It” provides additional challenge for your students once they’ve answered your initial question. This technique both raises the rigor in your classroom while simultaneously increasing engagement at the student level.

Review Games and Strategies

With common assessments and STAAR testing fast approaching, making the best use of invaluable review time is crucial for teachers and students alike. This session will both expose teachers to a variety of successful review strategies and model a selection of them to show participants what they will look and feel like to students. If you teach a subject that has a high-stakes test (grades 3 and up), this session should be considered a MUST!

Secondary Small Group

This session provides teachers with the basic components and considerations for planning secondary small group instruction. This session will provide teachers with examples of small group lessons and time to plan small group instruction using student performance data. **This session is for Secondary Teachers ONLY.**



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