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Professional Development

February PLS Sessions

Teaching Excellence is excited about the various sessions being offered in February!  Providing engaging, purposeful, and impactful sessions is our goal, and we are ecstatic to bring you a veritable plethora of sessions from which you can choose what you would like to attend. We hope that you LOVE what you learn at this PLS!

Increasing Teacher Student Ratio

Provide ample opportunities for student processing with the use of ‘Ratio’ strategies.  In this session, teachers will identify key strategies for increasing teacher student ratio in their classroom to maximize student processing.  Teachers will also watch and analyze examples of the ratio strategies and will then use these strategies and examples to plan for their own classroom.  You might be thinking, “what is the ratio of purposeful strategies to engaging session material?”  The answer is 1:1!


**Please note: Some TFA Corps Members took this session during Institute.

Folded paper.  It may not seem like much, but folded paper can do unimaginable things to a classroom including make connections clear for students, provide an engaging and purposeful way to keep track of critical information, and get students excited about what they are learning.  Teachers in the Foldables session will learn many formats which can be used for students to capture the key points of a class.  Selecting a purposeful and memorable format with which to capture notes enables teachers to provide students with a way to recall the information presented.  Participants in this session will learn to match foldables to the content of a class as well as strategize which foldables to use in an upcoming lesson.

Promoting Student Leadership through Teacher Leadership

In this session we’ll delve deep into the five core attributes of effective leadership: humility, authenticity, grit, relentless pursuit of results and a growth mindset.  By first discovering your own personal strengths as an instructional leader, you’ll help your students unlock their true potential.
If you are interested in learning more about how you can inspire your students be leaders in the classroom, school, and community level, this session is for you.


Creating a clear criteria for success is critical with regards to providing students what they need to succeed.  Attend this session to see examples and identify the components needed for strong classroom rubrics.  Rubrics are an excellent tool for both providing support to struggling students while simultaneously challenging advanced students to perform at their best. In this session, teachers will learn the criteria for effective rubrics and have time to apply these criteria to an upcoming project.  Participants should have a specific, upcoming project or task that they would like to use a rubric for, prior to attending this session.

Secondary Small Group

Learners of all ages need opportunities to connect with peers in order to process the information presented.  This session provides teachers with the basic components and considerations for planning secondary small group instruction.  This session will provide teachers with examples of small group lessons and time to plan small group instruction using student performance data.  **This session is for Secondary Teachers ONLY. **

Stretch It

The most advanced questioning technique offered, “Stretch It” provides additional challenge for your students once they’ve answered your initial question. This technique both raises the rigor in your classroom while simultaneously increasing engagement at the student level.  Raised rigor AND increased student engagement? #winning

Which session are you most excited to attend? How will it transform your teaching?


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