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Campus spotlight – KIPP Explore

Welcome to the first in our series of campus spotlights. Each week in this series, one of our TEachers will share some of his favorite things about his campus. Read below to learn more about what’s happening at KIPP Explore.


KIPP Explore front entrance


What is your name? What is your role on campus? Zachary Marx-Kuo, 2nd grade lead teacher

KIPP Explore 1st and 2nd grade hallway


What neighborhood is your school in? East End

Describe your campus culture in three words. Friendly, supportive, hectic

Student artwork displayed around the school


Where is your favorite place to work on campus? My classroom (I think they’re really nice)

The Staff Lounge (decorated for Teacher Appreciation Week by parents!)


What is one surprising or quirky fact about your campus? Every once in a while, a stray dog will sneak onto the campus and scare the kids at recess (they’re always very tame though).

What is your favorite annual event at school? I really enjoy soccer season and am excited to coach again next year!

Recreation area with soccer field and basketball court


Where are some great places to eat nearby? Right next door there’s an awesome Greek restaurant (El Greco) and a donut shop with amazing kolaches.



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