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Campus Spotlight – Northbrook High School

Caroline Flowers will take us on a tour of her campus. Continue reading to learn more about Northbrook High School.


Northbrook High School













What is your name? What is your role on campus?

My name is Caroline Flowers. I teach Integrated Physics and Chemistry and next year I’ll be the JV Cheer Coach.

What neighborhood is your school in?

My school is in Spring Branch ISD. We’re on the north side of I-10 off of Gessner.

Describe your campus culture in three words.

Professional, focused, goal-oriented.


NB 2

Northbrook has had great achievements!














Where is your favorite place to work on campus?

My favorite place to work on campus is in my classroom. There are always teachers walking through and coming in to say hi, so even though I’m in my room it’s still pretty social.



Northbrook Courtyard













What is one surprising or quirky fact about your campus?

Our school is very focused on using technology. Each classroom has 4 iPads and 4 Netbooks and teachers often combine to have a full class set of technology. This allows teachers to do lots of cool things with technology, such as using iPad apps to track the trajectory of objects in physics class.


NB 4

Northbrook Raiders















What is your favorite annual event at school?

I really enjoyed the Senior Auction this year. They “auction off” seniors at lunch to students and faculty during the week to raise money for the senior prom. Then on Friday, the people who “bought” the seniors get to dress them up in whatever they want. There were outfits ranging from full head to toe costumes to giant ball gowns. All day the kids are in the hall trying to take pictures with the most outrageous seniors and everyone had a lot of fun.

Where are some great places to eat nearby?

Teachers often go to El Gallo on staff development days, which is a Mexican restaurant across from Spring Woods High School. There are also some great taco trucks nearby where teachers will sometimes grab a quick lunch. Also, there are a lot of Pho restaurants nearby that are good. Pappasitos is also close and that’s where many SBISD teachers go for Friday happy hour.


NB 5

Aspire. Pride. Driven.






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