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Campus Spotlight – YES Prep West

We are excited to be welcoming our new cohort of teachers next week! For those of you working at YES Prep West, take a look at a tour of your campus with one of your fellow teachers, Melissa Russo.


YES Prep West
















What is your name? What is your role on campus?

I’m Melissa Russo, and I teach 6th grade math intervention at YES Prep West!


What neighborhood is your school in?

The Harwin/Chinatown neighborhood.



Show your Marvel pride!

















Describe your campus culture in three words.

Consistent. Committed. Teamwork.



The Insta-Wall at West!












Where is your favorite place to work on campus?

I really like the upstairs teacher’s lounge or Mr. Dowdy’s couch!



The teacher’s lounge – a place to hang out with fellow teachers during lunch or planning periods.













What is one surprising or quirky fact about your campus?

A few teachers have adopted their animals from the area around YES Prep West – shout-out to Bear, Lily and Rudy!


What is your favorite annual event at school?

Senior Signing Day and Spring Trip!

YPW_spring trip

Spring Trip Photo Board!












Where are some great places to eat nearby?

Tejas Taco House (It’s a West secret – so good), Chick-Fil-A and Subway are all close to campus.



Delicious tacos nearby!



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