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August 2014 PLS Sessions

The Teaching Excellence TEam is excited to continue the learning that was started at our Summer Induction at the first of our eight monthly Professional Learning Saturdays (PLSs). We hope that these sessions both support teachers in areas that are typically challenging for teachers in their first year at a new campus as well as give concrete strategies that can improve instruction on Monday. Spring Branch teachers will continue their personalized trajectory this month with a separate PLS on August 16th while teachers at our charter partnerships will attend a different PLS on August 23rd.

Spring Branch ISD PLS (August 16th): All of our Spring Branch teachers will attend these four sessions, as well as get some work time to get feedback on lesson plans, behavior management plans, investment plans, or anything else they would like to collaborate with coaches and colleagues on.

Joy Factor: Student Teamwork and Motivation: Teachers will hear several strategies to increase motivation and positive classroom culture among their students. Incentive systems and their implementation will be covered as well.

5 Step-5 E Lesson Planning: The basic components of each planning model are reviewed, prior to comparing and contrasting them and discussing the pros and cons of each.

Key Points: SBISD teachers have already received sessions on external alignment and calendaring objectives. The next step is to create strong key points that will form the basis of that day’s instruction. This session will allow for individualized practice after general instruction.

Exit Tickets: A strong exit ticket is scaffolded to determine mastery of each key point as well as mastery of the daily objective as a whole. Teachers will be able to craft exit tickets that they will be able to use in their own classroom after general instruction.


KIPP/YES Prep PLS (August 23rd): All teachers will attend the priority session “Joy Factor: Student Teamwork and Motivation,” as well as choose one of the remaining sessions. Teachers will also get the opportunity to attend a content-specific session where they will be able to collaborate with other teachers throughout the city who teach a common subject or content area.

Joy Factor: Student Teamwork and Motivation: Teachers will hear several strategies to increase motivation and positive classroom culture among their students. Incentive systems and their implementation will be covered as well.

Routines and Procedures: Problem Solving Protocol: This session is designed to help people PLAN more effective routines and procedures for their classroom. Teachers will be presented with fictional scenarios before sharing their own issues currently faced in their classroom. Teachers will then collaborate to plan routines and their roll out to effectively address these issues.

Routines and Procedures: Execution Protocol: This session is designed to help people EXECUTE routines and procedures in their classroom that are already well-planned. Teachers will role play rolling-out a routine or procedure, as well as practice them using the BMC. Teachers will get an opportunity to explain the misbehaviors they see most often and then get practice addressing them and get feedback from their peers.

Lesson Planning Review and Work Time: Teachers will get an overview of the various components of either the 5-Step or 5-E lesson planning model, and get an opportunity to engage in a Q&A with the facilitator and their colleague. Teachers will then get to work on a future lesson plan before getting feedback from each other.

Strong Classroom Leadership: In this session we’ll delve deep into the five core attributes of effective leadership: humility, authenticity, grit, relentless pursuit of results and a growth mindset. By first discovering your own personal strengths as an instructional leader, you’ll help your students unlock their true potential.
If you are interested in learning more about how you can inspire your students be leaders in the classroom, school, and community level, this session is for you.

Tracking, Think-Pair-Shares, and Turn & Talks: This session will discuss the importance of all three of these foundational, instruction-specific routines and procedures as well as the best times to use each one. Practice time will give teachers an opportunity to match the best technique to a given situation as well as plan a roll-out for one, with space to receive feedback from a colleague.


What excites you about these sessions and their descriptions? What are you hoping to gain from them?


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