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October PLS Course Descriptions

Thank you for joining us at the September PLS! We received many kind words about how your feedback was implemented, so we hope you kept the feedback coming so that we can continue to be responsive. For example, a few teachers requested that we include a “Materials Needed” section in the course descriptions. Below are … Continue reading

PLM Requirements and Overview

TE Hub Link: Requirements: All teachers seeking certification and/or TE Program completion must complete: A total of 21 hours’ worth of Professional Learning Modules All five (5) of the “Priority” PLMs Brain-Based Learning Diversity and Multi-Cultural Education Human and Child Development Questioning Strategies Special Populations and Co-Teaching Any hours not completed by the “Priority” … Continue reading

September 2014 PLS Session Descriptions!

We here at Teaching Excellence are incredibly excited for September 20, when our entire cohort is together for the first time since Induction. In addition to time in your content teams, teachers will also receive a session on increasing Urgency in classrooms as well as a skill-based session of their choosing. Below are some short … Continue reading

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