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September 2014 PLS Session Descriptions!

We here at Teaching Excellence are incredibly excited for September 20, when our entire cohort is together for the first time since Induction. In addition to time in your content teams, teachers will also receive a session on increasing Urgency in classrooms as well as a skill-based session of their choosing. Below are some short blurbs so that you can know what to expect!

PRIORITY SESSION (All teachers participate)

Sense of Urgency: One of the most underestimated components of high-performing classrooms, a strong sense of urgency supports everything from student engagement to positive culture. In this session, teachers will analyze examples of urgent classrooms, identify strategies to increase urgency, and plan to incorporate and promote urgency within their classroom on a daily basis.

CHOICE SESSIONS (Teachers choose one)

Big 6: There are 6 powerful, purposeful strategies which, when used in a classroom, aid students in retaining and mastering information. Learn these strategies. Use these strategies. Be amazed at the impact on your students.

Foldables: Teachers in the Foldables session will learn many formats which can be used for students to capture the key points of a class.  Selecting a purposeful and memorable format with which to capture notes enables teachers to provide students with a way to recall the information presented.  Participants in this session will learn to match foldables to the content of a class as well as strategize which foldables to use in an upcoming session.

Anticipating Misunderstandings: Teachers better communicate key points when they are aware of and plan for potential pitfalls students can experience during a lesson. This session will help teachers predict and plan for possible student misunderstandings, so lessons can be effective for all students. **TEACHERS MUST BRING AN UPCOMING LESSON PLAN**    

BMC Workshop: Teachers who attend this session will NOT receive a content session. Instead, teachers will get to spend two blocks of the day reviewing the Behavior Management Cycle in a workshop-like atmosphere that is practice and feedback heavy. Participants should bring a list of their most commonly occurring misbehaviors to get suggestions from peers and facilitators.

Execution Protocol – Content Delivery: In this session, teachers will receive a very short INM on the “Key Points” indicator of the “Content Delivery” row of the TE Rubric. They will then receive planning time to amend key points before getting an opportunity to facilitate their lesson and receive feedback from a facilitator or their peers. ** TEACHERS MUST BRING LESSON PLAN**

COHORT TIME: Because of feedback we received from teachers in our August survey, the work time at the end of the September PLS will be in IC Cohort groups. All teachers should come with materials to make that time effective and worthwhile (lesson plans, unit plans, quizzes to grade, trackers to analyze, etc.)

Teachers should be on the lookout for the survey link this week and will receive their individualized schedule to download session materials during the week of the September PLS. If you are unsure which sessions to take, we recommend reaching out to your Instructional Coach!


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