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PLM Requirements and Overview

TE Hub Link:

Requirements: All teachers seeking certification and/or TE Program completion must complete:

  • A total of 21 hours’ worth of Professional Learning Modules
  • All five (5) of the “Priority” PLMs
    • Brain-Based Learning
    • Diversity and Multi-Cultural Education
    • Human and Child Development
    • Questioning Strategies
    • Special Populations and Co-Teaching

Any hours not completed by the “Priority” PLMs can be completed by completing “Choice” PLMs.


  1. Submit all PLM deliverables to your coach via email. To complete reflections, you must copy and paste or retype the questions themselves into your email.
  2. Your coach will provide feedback and return your deliverables within four days.
    1. Therefore, any lesson plans must be for the next week.
    2. Your coach will have the final say as to whether the requirements of a particular PLM have been met for the hours to count.

View this video for step-by-step instructions on how to login and use the TE Hub!

Any general questions about the PLM structure and requirements should be directed to Paul Needham and Daya Cozzolino at the Teaching Excellence Program. Your coach can answer questions specifically to you such as which PLMs are most appropriate for you at a given time in the year, or how many PLMs you still must complete to meet this requirement of program completion.


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