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October PLS Course Descriptions

Thank you for joining us at the September PLS! We received many kind words about how your feedback was implemented, so we hope you kept the feedback coming so that we can continue to be responsive. For example, a few teachers requested that we include a “Materials Needed” section in the course descriptions. Below are the session descriptions with aforementioned needed materials to help you prepare for the October selection survey which will hit your inboxes soon!

Chunking INM with CFUs (Priority Session)

Effective Checks for Understanding are a key component of an effective practice. This session will give teachers multiple strategies for checking students’ understanding during direct instruction, and prepare teachers to plan and execute those strategies in an upcoming lesson.

Materials Needed: An upcoming lesson plan



Mail Merge

Target Audience: All teachers who have, at least, a basic understanding of excel

Computers were invented to let teachers mail merge data and documents. This session will reveal the power and practice of using the mail merge function of Microsoft Excel and Word, allowing you to quickly and efficiently print individualized reports, letters to parents and tutorial notices without having to continuously edit their template. Participants will learn ways to let mail merge decrease the amount of time you have to spend meticulously typing and re-typing individualized documents and increase the amount of feedback they are providing students and families.

Materials Needed: Your excel tracker (can be exported from an online gradebook)

Google Apps

Target Audience: All

If you are looking for ways to improve communication with parents and provide students with feedback, then this session is for you. In this session teachers will explore three Google Apps, Google Drive, Google Voice and Google Translator and will use these to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of communication with students and parents

Materials Needed: A google account is recommended.


Target Audience: YES Prep and KIPP Core Content Teachers

If you are looking for a tool to analyze data and adjust instruction than Eduphoria/Aware is a great tool that many teachers already have access to. In this session teachers will gain a basic understanding of the components of Eduphoria/Aware and how they can effectively use Eduphoria/Aware to analyze class data.

Materials Needed: Eduphoria/Aware login information

Using Excel for Tracking

Target Audience: All teachers who should be giving and tracking assessments

Do you often run the other way when you hear the words “Excel” or “tracking”? Do you want to monitor student progress but feel entirely overwhelmed by the tracking process? The Using Excel for Tracking session will cull your fears and prepare you to tackle student data proactively. Participants will learn what to track, how to set-up an Excel tracker, and how to manipulate data to analyze trends.


Microsoft Excel and PPT

Target Audience: Any teachers that use PowerPoint on a regular basis and regularly use an excel-based tracker

Already have an excel tracker that you use regularly? Ever wish that PowerPoint and Excel could talk? That you didn’t have to repeat all the data-entry you did in order to communicate trends and successes to students? WELL YOU CAN!! This session will teach process to get the Microsoft Suite of programs talking with one another. Teachers in this session will learn this process in order to communicate results to classes and invest/engage your students. Increase the timeliness of feedback and therefore maximize its impact on students!

Materials Needed: Your excel tracker with student data.



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