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November PLS Course Descriptions

                                  Welcome to November! A month of challenges, assessments, growth (on the part of both teachers and students), and well-earned time with those we care about. In a few short week’s we’ll be coming back together for our November … Continue reading

Campus Spotlight – KIPP Sharpstown

Did you know KIPP Sharpstown is dedicated to providing fine arts opportunities to their students? Take a tour of the campus with Rebeka! What is your name? What is your role on campus? Rebeka Solis, and I teach 6th grade science at KIPP Sharpstown.                       … Continue reading

Campus Spotlight – YES Prep Southeast

Enjoy taking a tour of the YES Prep Southeast campus as part of our campus spotlight series! What is your name? Jeremiah Stones What is your role on campus? Music teacher                     What neighborhood is your school in? Pasadena Describe your campus culture in three words. … Continue reading

Campus Spotlight – Spring Branch Hollibrook Elementary

We are excited to see all of the incredible work our new 2014-2015 cohort is accomplishing daily in the classroom! We are equally excited to continue in our Campus Spotlight series and introduce you to various campuses around Houston that our Teaching Excellence teachers are working in. Julianna Parra was part of our 2013-2014 cohort … Continue reading

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