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Campus Spotlight – Spring Branch Hollibrook Elementary

We are excited to see all of the incredible work our new 2014-2015 cohort is accomplishing daily in the classroom! We are equally excited to continue in our Campus Spotlight series and introduce you to various campuses around Houston that our Teaching Excellence teachers are working in. Julianna Parra was part of our 2013-2014 cohort and will take us on a tour of her campus, Hollibrook Elementary.

What is your name? What is your role on campus?

Julianna Parra, 5th Grade Self-Contained Bilingual Teacher!

What neighborhood is your school in?

Spring Branch.

front of school

Hollibrook Elementary!














Describe your campus culture in three words.

Supportive, flexible/open-minded, and solution-oriented.

Where is your favorite place to work on campus?

My classroom and the library .

my classroom

My classroom!






What is one surprising or quirky fact about your campus?

Our campus mascot used to be the Bulldog, but it was recently changed to the Hornet. 🙂 Also, our school was rebuilt three years ago, and the only part that remains from the old school is the gym. That’s why the leveling is different, and you have to take stairs down to get to it.

What is your favorite annual event at school?

So far, STEM night!

science lab

Hollibrook Elementary Science Lab!












Where are some great places to eat nearby?

Taqueria Tepatitlan and Mytiburger.



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