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Campus Spotlight – YES Prep Southeast

Enjoy taking a tour of the YES Prep Southeast campus as part of our campus spotlight series!

What is your name?

Jeremiah Stones

What is your role on campus?

Music teacher

SE Sign

Welcome to YES Prep Southeast!











What neighborhood is your school in?


Describe your campus culture in three words.

Student. Success. Focused.

SE Front Entrance 2

Three words that describe this campus are Student. Success. Focused.















Where is your favorite place to work on campus?

Either the second floor conference room or the pavilion behind the school.

What is one surprising or quirky fact about your campus?

It seems fairly often that somebody finds a stray dog or two outside on the campus grounds. Every time this has happened, these animals have been adopted by a teacher by the end of the day.

SE Wizard

















What is your favorite annual event at school?

I really like the “Man Up” Conference where guys from 8th-12th grade and male teachers stay all night at school. First there are some great sessions where we talk about important topics for men, and that’s followed by some grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, video games, and basketball. There were lots of great opportunities to have meaningful conversations with kids and build relationships.

Where are some great places to eat nearby?

Raising Canes and Chipotle on Fairmont, Gringos off of I-45, and there are several great taco trucks scattered around nearby.






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