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Campus Spotlight – KIPP Sharpstown

Did you know KIPP Sharpstown is dedicated to providing fine arts opportunities to their students? Take a tour of the campus with Rebeka!

What is your name? What is your role on campus?

Rebeka Solis, and I teach 6th grade science at KIPP Sharpstown.

Sharpstown Front Pic

Welcome to KIPP Sharpstown College Prep!












What neighborhood is your school in?

On the intersection of Westpark Dr. and Dunvale in Sharpstown (the southwest part of town).

Describe your campus culture in three words.

Energetic. Unique. Diverse.

Where is your favorite place to work on campus?

In the office. The office staff knows how to get a good laugh out of me.


The field and basketball courts at KIPP Sharpstown. There are also picnic tables to work in the sun.












What is one surprising or quirky fact about your campus?

We are one of the only KIPP schools that makes sure students dedicate themselves to fine arts.

Orchestra Room

The orchestra room at KIPP Sharpstown!












What is your favorite annual event at school?

Day of Kindness is a day where we honor one of our former students who passed away two years ago. She was known for being nice and helpful. So, in her memory, students decide what kind of good deed they want to do that day and at the end of the day they perform it. This year, my class cleaned the entire campus. It was awesome to honor her memory.

Where are some great places to eat nearby?

We are near Westheimer, so there are many places. Potbelly, Tan Tan, Chipotle, etc.

Theatre Room

The Black Box, aka the theater room.



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